#Nostalgia: The Ten Television Serials India Grew Up On

Television Serials
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Every generation had its own favourite television shows that had a lasting impact on the growing up days for almost every Indian TV watcher. 

Today, Pune365 takes you back down memory lane to the days when life meant friends at college, happy neighbourhoods and genuine warmth.

If you haven’t see these, you ought to be going online and running them now! 

Khichdi: A family sitcom that indeed brought giggles to the viewers. A typically Gujarati family with all characters in place, their forte was madness.

Characters were individually famous for their punchlines like ‘Mai toh thak gae bhaisahab, ‘Bade log bade log, Hansa mai hu na, Kisiko pata ni chalega and Praful tu toh ghada hai.



Hum Paanch: A sitcom which started in the late 90’s with a follow up of next season in 2005. It was one of the most watched and favourite serials.  Anand Kumar one of the leads was married twice and he has always been in pain because of his 5 daughters. Every character played their roles with a tinge of good humour. Like Sweety whose life goals were to marry Shah Rukh Khan.


Remix: A teen drama romance which had four leads who are students of Maurya High. The story evovled around these characters and their dream of music career. They formed a music group called Remix. Every youth in their early twenties loved this show and imagined their school life be the same. Mixing Yuvi and Anvesha’s never ending fights with romance of Tia and Ranveer gave a nice flavour to the show.

Kyunki Saan Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi: An Indian family drama that stole the heart of everybody. This serial not just brought success to the producers but became the defination of daily soaps. Smita Irani, the MP, was earlier the protagonist who was an ideal daughter-in-law Tulsi.

She goes through a lot of difficulties to protect her family. Itl became among the the best serial sfor 8 years and won many awards. One thing that clicked in every viewers mind was when will Baa die.

Malgudi Days: The serial had a total of 39 episodes which was first aired on Doordarshan and then Sony in 1987 and rerun regularly. The story is about Swami who loves roaming his city Malgudi with his friends. Malgudi Days was one of the first and finest shows on television.



Tu Tu Mai Mai: An Indian comedy show which had a story theme of the fights and arguments behind a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law. But the arguments never stressed out the viewers but rather was the reason for laughter. Sooraj, the so, was always stuck in the middle of it all. It was initially started on DD National and then Star Plus


Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai: This wasi was an excellent serial. It was on air from 2004-2006, and  then the series was then released on Hotstar in 2017.

For the viewers it was always a difficult to choose between Maya, Inderwadan, Monisha, Sahil, Roshesh  which was their favorite.

This series was like an addiction. The audience was happy watching the rerun episodes too especially those that had Roshesh’s poetry.

Christmas Carols

Boogie Woogie: The serial was one of the first dance shows in India. Produced by Naved Jaffery and also co-judged by him. The main judge being Javed Jaffery. This was a very long running show and had come up with innovative things like Kids Championship and Mother Championship. Kids and teens were glued to he TV screens when the episode started.


Millennium Post

Bounvita Quiz Contest: Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest was an Indian quiz show which started in 1972 and was hosted by Derek O’Brien. It was first played live in cities then became a radio show and then started on television. In that era it was a golden quiz show where students from different schools took part. The show was on air on many channels and then co-hosted by a female host in one season.


Office Office: This sitcom that was on SAB TV, The story focused was how corruption and bribery irritated Mussadilal, a common man. The show had amazing characters like Shuklaji. It had excellent dialogues with pun punches criticising the government indirectly and humorously.

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