Yes, I Am Married, But I Love Someone Else

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“I yearned to be Mrs.Joshi, But ended up being Mrs. Gaikwad,” says Shweta

My parents forced me into this marriage because he earned more than my boyfriend. I have been married for four years, I still meet my ex-boyfriend every weekend. No, am not having an extra marital affair, he is married too.

“People say that you move on with time, but our love still stands tall like a tower,” opines Shweta.

Some people have no choice, some are under family pressure and some are unable to decide what is best for them. There are many couples in the city who are married, but still love someone else or so it seems: 

Being brought up in a traditional family, you’re not given a choice and most often you’re just told that you have to getting married to some person, says Radhika Devare, Housewife.

This wasn’t a arrange marriage it was forced marriage. There was no question of me saying no to this marriage, as they didn’t ask for my consent. During my college days, I had met the love of my life. We both had many plans for our future, but all turned out to be in vain, when my parents told me that you must marry this guy.

Marriage is a commitment for life and it is tough to spend your life with a person whom you don’t love.

It was hard then and now too, yet after so many years in marriage, I can’t afford to lose my spouse, because over the years, he has become a good companion and takes care of every minute requirement of our family and more importantly, our kids are happy.

Yet, no matter where life takes us, if given a chance I will always go back to him, Radhika adds.

Sujay Dixit, Businessman says, “Nothing can replace the joy and affection I had for her, Like every third lover, I must say that she was the most incredible women I had ever met.”

Recalling his training days, Sujay says, She was the best thing happened to me.With a wonderful job and a good package, everything was perfect, until the day when her father brought a marriage proposal for her.

I responded very casually, as I had many excuses like career, parents and honestly, i was unable to take the responsibility.

Now, I have been married for 8 years, but nothing seems to be perfect and complete. The inner peace is lost and it is not simple to get a divorce, especially when you know that your partner is not at fault.

Am still in touch with my girlfriend, and the bond is still is as strong as the way it was. However, I have no plans to leave my wife, not because of the family responsibility or any pressure, because I know its not her fault, Sujay added.

Trupti, Fitness Trainer, says, “The one I loved was not stable and settled in life, that’s why I choose to marry Pratik(my husband). I might sound materialistic, but feelings and affection don’t feed your soul.

However, I don’t regret my decision but the love I have for him is irreplaceable.”No matter how hard I try to build the same excitement in our married life, have failed always.  And the hardest part is to keep pretending that I love my husband.

The commitment of marriage is for life, so, think twice before you decide anything for yourself.

Financial security is more important than an emotional relationship. Love doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be together. You can always love secretly, Trupti added.


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