We Got Dumped On Valentines Day!

Valentine's Day Breakups
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Valentine’s Day saw its share of roses, candlelit dinners and champagne for several young couples in the city, though, for some it turned out to be quite a dampener…

For these young Puneites, Valentines day brings back memories of how they were dumped unceremoniously by their partners. Interestingly, we also have a few people telling us how they dumped their partners! 

Latika Patel, Assistant Professor says, “Last year on Valentine’s day I was working when my boyfriend called me. I was all excited thinking of our evening plans, but got dumped by him instead!.”

I asked him where I had gone wrong since it came as a shock. We were just a month into the relationship and everything was going really smooth. He just said he’s made up with his earlier girlfriend and didn’t want to carry on with ours and hung up on me. 

He didn’t bother to call me after that and neither did I. So, I ended up spending my Valentine’s with my roommate, Latika added.

I got dumped on my Valentine’s Party because she found my friend more handsome than me.  She just said it is not going to work out and walked out with him, says Rahul Bhattacharya, Software professional.

Krutika Dev, Architect recalling his experience said, “Last year I had planned the perfect Valentines but like life had other plans for me.

I was waiting at a restaurant with gifts and roses for my boyfriend expecting him to be there to meet me.. After a while, his friend came along to tell me that he is back with his ex-girlfriend.

I cried and ate all my favourite desserts to make up for getting dumped on Valentine’s day, Krutika added.

She dumped me on valentine’s morning only because she didn’t enjoy our previous night together, says Nitesh Patil, Nutritionist.

Just a day before Valentine’s we went for a dinner date, I stayed at her place and made out. The next morning she just left a note on the bed to say she just doesn’t feel like doing this anymore.

So, I ended up going on a date with her best friend, Nitesh added.

Jayant Shah, techie says, “I dumped my girlfriend because I didn’t have money to buy her the gift of her choice on valentine’s day.

Also, I wanted to watch a match and hence it wouldn’t have been possible to meet her!

Susannah Louise, Choreographer says, My boyfriend got me flowers, chocolates and a gift along with a letter that said that he doesn’t love me anymore and walked away after asking me to keep the gifts.

Much later, I got to hear from some of our common friends that he was actually gay.

And that’s how Valentine became the best celebration of my life, Sunannah adds with a laugh!


#All views are those of the respondents (some names are changed on request) and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them.

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