Raid Your Man’s Closet To Get Your Fashion Game On Point

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The fashion industry sometimes comes up with such stark designs and styles that they are best left to the ramp, leaving most fashion conscious to hunt for clothing that is both comfortable and wearable..

The latest trend to catch the fancy of the city’s fashion conscious women is anything and everything oversized, baggy and comfortable.

Raiding the man’s closet and recreating a look has made life easier for these fashionistas, who now have both sides of the wardrobe available to them!

Interestingly, the current obsession with oversized has prompted the fashion industry to launch boyfriend clothes, now designed for women!

Here is a look at what women are borrowing from their man’s closet:

Boyfriend Jeans

A piece of clothing named after the male counterpart, yet, created exclusively for women. These boyfriend jeans are ill-fitted, yet, brings out the perfect symmetry of a woman body. As much as they look comfortable, they are the sophisticated version of the good old pyjamas. Style them with a fitted upper body piece like a bodysuit or a fitted tee and you are ready to slay.

Men’s Leather Belt

Belts are the perfect accessory to amp up any outfit and these huge chunky ones can easily be found in your dad’s or brother’s closet.

Give a refreshing twist to your old dresses by styling a huge chunky boyfriend belt around your waist or styling the classic black one with a multi coloured or printed outfit for that perfect street style look. These belts are also perfect to give perfect definitions to any body type. If your man has a designer belt, be sure to take advantage of it! If not, there are plenty of knock off Gucci belts on the market if your man’s belt collection just isn’t cutting it; anything to cinch that waist!


Image Courtesy: Superdry

Boyfriend Hoodie

Not everyone might like dressing like a hanger in ill-fitted clothes, but, those who swear by wearing all things comfortable will vouch for this piece of clothing. The boyfriend hoodie is often unisex and can be styled and worn by all. They are loose in appearance and fit than most women’s jackets, but are deliberately designed to give it a comfortable form and funky look.

Oversized Shirts

If you were living under a rock, you may be unaware of the oversized shirt and t-shirt dresses that have now reached every girl’s closet. Although they are marketed by the name, you can always pick any shirt or tee from your boyfriend’s closet, accessorise them with a waist belt for a cleaner and more classy look. A pair of knee-high boots, a delicate neckpiece and a classic or vintage bag will help you achieve the perfect outing look.

Image Courtesy: YesStyle

Unisex Sneakers

For the uninitiated, shoes are one essential accessory that can be donned by both. Getting your hands on the same pair of shoes are the perfect ‘couple goals’ for many millennials today. While some want the exact same pieces as the classic converse or the good old black sneakers, some try to make them personalised by getting some patch work done on them.

Image Courtesy: The Kylie Shop

Jogger Trousers

Looking trendy and being lousy at the same time was never easy. These Joggers trousers and sweat pants/sets are the favourite travel partners. Perfect for those long flight journeys or just a casual day out or a shopping spree, jogger trousers can be your next favourite piece of clothing.


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