#TrafficOffenders – Dangerous Rise In People Riding Triple

Traffic Offenders
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Pune has been witnessing an alarming increase in citizens riding triple on two-wheelers that are legally permitted to carry only two passengers.

With complete disregard for the traffic rules, these riders not only play with their pillions safety, while ignoring fundamental regulations. This is leading in an increase in accidents and also posing a threat for pedestrians and other commuters as these two wheelers are prone to losing their stability with the increased passenger load.

Pune365 noticed this trend even on the trunk roads of the city and decided to talk to citizens and commuters among others, to ascertain the cause for this increasing traffic violation.

At every signal one sees a minimum of 2-3 bikes who ride triple seat. We catch those who are riding on the extreme sides of roads and fine them, but its difficult to reach the one’s who are in the middle of the heavy traffic.

Disobeying traffic rules is wrong only for them, but for the society. People should understand this, opines Subhash Mohre, Traffic Police Constable.

They simply break rules for the sake of it. They just don’t want to obey any law.

If sometimes we overlook a bike then they tease us and run, it’s their way of adventure. Transport facilities are actually very poor in this city.

Sometimes buses break down in the middle of traffic, so yes, that can be one reason for a triple seat. But, I still believe that people should understand and obey traffic rules.

Rishikesh Tembhurnikar, Media Trainee says, “ I have stayed in Pune for long now and own a bike too. Yes, in the recent years the triple seat riding has increased tremendously in Pune.

There are many reasons for this. One major reason in my opinion, is that people don’t take traffic rules seriously, and they don’t have any fear of the police when they try to prevent it.

They believe they can get away with any traffic offence by paying a few hundred rupees. Also, none of the welfare or two-wheeler advertisements have effectively educated people about how triple seat riding can be harmful.

Another major reason is that the Public transport facilities of Pune are not efficient. Auto fares are always high and the bus service though cheap is not efficient. That’s the reason for so many two-wheelers here and the triple riding also,” he adds.

There are a lot of students and working people in Pune and not everybody can afford a vehicle. And with the transport facilities inefficient, a two-wheeler is necessary. Hence, the only option left is to adjust.

The metro project has started, but that will take another few years to complete affirms Harsh Jaswani, Management Graduate.

Also, to be frank nobody takes cabs for small distances and end up riding triple with someone.Though BRTS corridors are made, the buses are not available in all parts of the city.

And the buses which are frequent are very old and in bad condition. Though for some, riding triple is their idea of adventure, adds Harsh.

Sneha Parajapati, Student opines “Every year a lot of people move to metropolitan cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru etc but transport facilities are not increased proportionately. and its obvious that if the population is increasing, there ought to be more vehicles to handle that.

I live in Pune and lately, I have realized that people break the law riding triple seat, not using helmets, seat belts etc. Here, people believe that breaking rules are much cooler than following them.

They should understand that rules are made for their safety. Yes, transport infrastructure is a major drawback of Pune, but if facilities are improved, these problems will all be resolved.”


#All views expressed in this article are those of the individual respondents and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them.

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