This Is How You Can Deal With A Flirty Boss

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Ever faced an uncomfortable situation is the office bordering on sexual harassment?

Did you boss ever try to go out of the way and tried to flirt you in th office or asked you for a date?

If the answer is yes, look no further !

Pune’s young working professionals share their boss-proof tricks to ward off that pesky senior who is turning on the charm:

Francis Pillai Software engineer says, “If she is hot enough, flirt back.

If the boss is bisexual, record his conversation and send it to his wife or on the office WhatsApp group and his social media timeline.

I don’t think anyone would be interested in flirting with a man their father’s age, especially when you have so many guys around, says Ayesha Mate, a social media expert.

The simplest way is hinting that you’re already engaged, says Yuti Parab, call centre executive.

However, for single people, it might be difficult to get off easy from your boss, so for them, keep it straight. Ladies, you always have the option to punch him in his face and leave! she added.

Sunny Chheda, Art designer, It is better to keep him/her at one arm distance and not be overly nice to him. Flirting back may lead to another thing, so better stay away!

Approach directly and if there is no sign of improvement, quit the job. Although, if you wish to continue working, a tactful approach is the key, says Hetal Agarwal, Fashion Designer.

Express your concern in a way that he feels guilty about flirting, Probably, by telling him about the recent sexual harassment your friend faced. This could be a diplomatic solution.

For example, tell him I know you’re kidding with me. I personally hate being friendly with bosses. It gives me license to behave casually and delay work if the boss is over friendly, Agarwal added.

Tyron Varghese, Financial expert says, Flirt back! there is no harm in flirting and it is scientifically proven to be healthy.

Flirting has various methods by which you can handle it.

If he is young, flirt back and if he is in his middle age, just entertain him while laughing at his 80s jokes.

If he is quite old, inform him of the laws of sexual harassment, says Sneha Satpute.

Neha Waykole, says, “There are different ways people flirt. Some, flirt using traditional methods and approach you politely and cautiously. Then there are sincere flirts who are generally introverts…

The third is the Playful flirt and the last is Painful flirt (Physical type)

Bosses flirt depending on their personality and it is never a good idea to flirt back. That can really hamper your image in the office and even hit you career.

Things are not always easy when you don’t flirt back and hence it is best that you maintain a safe distance from day one.

If he flirts, be professional with your response, Make it crystal clear to him that his behaviour is making you uncomfortable and he should stop immediately.

And if he doesn’t, report it, Neha added.


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