This Is How You Can Watch The Match In Peace

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Keeping a relationship going under stressful situations is no easy task as the recent World Cup football proved…

Now cricket takes centre stage.

This is a another issue to be handled with care. Women seldom care for cricket, barring a few who prefer the shorter verson. They love the bounadaries and sixes.

Cricket Reforms
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And since the England-India Test match series begins on August 1 with as many as five Tests slated, it will be no easy task to convince the woman in your life to see ball and play ball

Here are some tips to avoid confrontation and allow for peaceful viewing: 

Get Her To See Reason: She will probably turn on you over some trivial matter and you will be left shamefaced. Impossible Don’t even try.

Keep Suitable Cricket Literature Around: If she shows some interest ahe may join you and yawn off after a while after some complimentary remarks on Virat Kohli’s look

Explain The Game: This is tough task, Avoid if she  is she is not bent towards sports.

Give Her Time To Blow Her Top: You may hear things which you didn’t want tp ear pqatyicu;laryour linrage.Tou can let het watch and

Go to the Bar: She won’t allow thatYou are in a bargaining position.

Buy Another TV: Safest option, She can watc her own stuff 2hil3 608 can asoak upthe cricket in peace