These Are Truly Awesome Destinations For Trekking And Hiking

Trekking and Hiking Places
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Pune’s pleasing weather and its proximity to trekking and hiking destinations have made it immensely popular with adventure seekers and travellers from all across the world. The Sahyadri range with its bevy of picturesque hills offers a unique experience for trekkers. The mountain range covers an amazing 140 thousand square kilometers and runs parallel to the western coast, offering incredible views and opperunities for hikers. That is just one reason why the Sahyadri range often sees many travellers trying to tackle its trails.

Our weekend travel columns have featured several of these ‘must-visit’ trekking and hiking destinations that are hugely popular, even today. In deference to our readers wishes, we have created a well curated selection of trekking destinations. From the range itself, to lush jungles and the very history of the land, we’re sure that one of these will take your fancy.

Trekking and hiking is huge fun, but do remember, that climbing and trekking is serious stuff , and expert supervision is advised at all times…

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Trekking and Hiking is advised to take place under trained supervision and optimal weather conditions. Travelers are also advised to bring appropriate and hard-wearing packs such as zipperless luggage due to the dense jungle terrain in some areas. Some trails may also require stability equipment to minimize any risk of slipping.

Readers are advised to research each trail they are thinking of tackling and ensure appropriate safety measures are adopted at all times. Trek Safe!

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