The Terrific Trio- Livu, Sweepea And Chamcham At The Gontia’s



“I have always wanted to adopt as many animals I could and soon after marriage, both my husband and I decided to bring home a dog, exclaims Prashasti Gontia, HR Professional. 

For Prashasti and her husband, these dogs are like their own children and from one, they are now a happy, playful trio. 


After a lot of searching, I came across a post on social media where there was a small female cocker spaniel up for adoption. A lot of people were apparently hesitant to adopt a female dog.

And that’s Livu, the beauty queen of the house. Calm in nature, Livu believes that she is the human among the three!

Livu has transformed my husband into an animal lover and turned him vegan, Prashasti added.

Prashasti on Sweepea and his homecoming says, “Sweepea is the notorious one among the trio. He was brought in as a companion for Livu…

furholicsWe got to know of him through an adoption post from ‘People For Animals’ that mentioned a 3-month-old blind dachshund pup.”

Sweepea was born without eyes which is another major side effects of excessive breeding. When we got him, he was full of ticks. We nursed him to good health and taught him everything, she added.

He has learnt everything now and is just like any other normal dog. He does have trust issues and barks at people and scares them but that is because he is unable to see them/

Sweepea is spoilt with love if we don’t take him for a walk or go alone, he is sure to chew on something.

The third in this wonderful trio is Chamcham- a Lhasa Apso. She was found eating trash from on the streets and was in a bad state with minimal hair on the body.

She was abandoned due to a severe skin infection and wouldn’t have survived on the streets. We took her in and nursed her back to good health. She is my youngest kid among the lot.


“The trio enjoys playing with my children and they’re best when together. our family is incomplete without them. they accompany us almost wherever we go and they just love travel.”

Our vacations are never planned without them ! Chamcham, Livu and Sweepea have been to Kasauli, Chandigarh, Shimla, Nainital, Rishikesh, Kanpur and several other destinations, she added.

Talking about their eating habits, Prashasti says, “Although they’re named after sweets they’re not allowed to have ant. hey are a die-hard lovers of fruits and veggies and they often steal vegetables! However, they’re only allowed to have certain fruits like apple, banana, avocado and so on..”


The world around us has completely changed! Each day I learn so many things from my kids. I have truly experienced the joy of parenting.

Having three kids is not easy but what makes it worth is the way am showered with love each day. And that is what you need at the end of the day.

The best part about them is their slobbery kisses and there enjoying the belly rubs, till they are tired and asleep, Prashasti added.


Ankita Malekar

Ankita Malekar

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