#RecipeCorner -Summery Cuisine For The Soul!

Jeera Khari Bruscheta
Jeera Khari Bruscheta


Summer is certainly here and the intense heat is sending us scrambling for coolers and food that is light and flavoursome. City foodies aren’t particularly moved by any season and their innate passion keeps them equally interested in this season too.

For us at Pune365, food is passion and so is good health and wellness. Thus this search for a scrumptious set of dishes to cook and gorge on. Yes dishes that you can recreate and make good enough to satiate both the foodie and the rookie, this season! 


Chef. Kunal PatkarOutlet Chef, MasalaBar-Pune shares a few of his signature summer specials for our readers in this Thursday special. Chef Patkar, an alumni of The Institute of Hotel Management, Hyderabad has over 8 years of culinary expertise having worked with leading properties in Mumbai, before he joined Massive Restaurants and has ever since an integral part of MasalaBar.

Jeera Khari Bruschetta

Jeera Khari Bruscheta


Mushroom: Jeera Khari 4 nos., Olive Oil 10 ml, Garlic 5 gms, Mushroom 100 gms, Shitake 50 gms, Capsicum Red 20 gms, Capsicum Yellow 20 gms, Onion 20 gms, Oregano 3 gms, Fresh Cream 25 ml, Salt 5 gms, Black Pepper 3 gms, Parsley 0.005

Garlic Sour Cream: Fresh Cream 20 gms , Lemon 5 ml, Garlic 5 gms, Salt 3 gms, Black Pepper 2 gms

Khaari: Maida 200 gm, Salt 5 gms, Butter 90 gms, Jeera Whole 3 gms, Black pepper 2 gms


  • For the mushrooms sauté all the ingredients and add chopped mushroom to the pan and sauté well.
  • Finish the mixture fresh cream and chopped parsley and season well.
  • For the garlic sour cream whisk the cold sour cream over ice bath with garlic juice and black pepper. In the end squeeze lime juice to it.
  • For the Khaari mix all the ingredients to make a dough and keep folding the dough in multiple book folds applying butter in between the folds. Cut into small squares of 1 inch and bake it at 160 degrees for 8 – 10 minutes.
  • Serve the mixture over the khaari and drizzle the garlic sour cream on top.

Karipatta Paper Prawns



Prawns: prawns 180 gms, curry leaves 3 gms, ginger 10 gms, garlic  5 gms, salt 3 gms, Lemon juice 3 ml, black pepper 3 gms, corn flour 3 gms

Tempering: ginger 10 gms,  garlic 5 gms, green chili 5 gms, curry leaves 3 gms, capsicum red 5 gms, capsicum yellow 5 gms, onion 10 gms, black pepper 5 gms, pokchoi 50 gms, coriander leaves 5 gms, cherry tomato 10 gms

Malgapodi: Dal Urad 25 gms, Dal Chana 15 gms, Mustard Seeds 5 gms, Gantur Chili Whole 10 gms, Chat Masala 3gms, Jeera powder 5 gms, Red Chili powder 3 gms


  • Clean the prawns and slit it from the center vertically.
  • Marinate the prawns, coat in tempura flour and deep fry
  • For the Tempering, saute all the ingredients together braise the pokchoi in its own juices and toss the prawns in the same.
  • For Malgapodi roast all the ingredients together and grind to a coarse powder.

Karari Kamal Kakdi


Salad: Carrot 25 gms, Raw Papaya 25 gms, Raw Mango 25 gms, Peanuts 15 gms, Spring Onion 10 gms, Ginger Juliennes 3 gms, Basil leaves 3 gms, Salt 3 gms, Black Pepper 3 gms, Salad Oil 3 ml, Lotus Stem 20 gms, Red Chili powder 3 gms, Chinese Kale 25 gms

Dressing: Sweet Chilli Sauce 30 ml, Ginger 3 gms, Jaggery 5 gms, Salt 3 gms, Black Pepper 3 gms, Red Chili powder 3 gms, Lime Juice 3 ml, Tamarind 5 gms


  • For karari kamal kakdi slice the lotus stem diagonally and deep fry. Then let it air dry at 80 degrees for 10 minutes. Toss it in salt and red chili pwd
  • Mix the remaining ingredients together and toss it lightly. Sprinkle the peanuts and spring onion from the to maintain the crispyness.
  • For the dressing mix all the ingredients together in a sauce pan and simmer it to half the quantity. Strain the dressing through a single strainer. Drizzle the same over the dressing and also toss the salad in the dressing.

Airy Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet CakeIngredients:

Red sponge: maida 300 gms, eggs 1/4th, milk 55 ml, castor sugar 9 gms, salt  2 gms, baking powder 1 gms, vanilla essence 5 ml

Maska malai: condensed Milk 60 gms, fresh cream 40 gms, mascarpone 16 gms

Garnish: almonds 5 gms, pista 5 gms, Sponge dust 10 gm


  • For the sponge mix all the ingredients to make a batter. Pour the batter in a ISO cream siphon and foam it in a disposable cup. Microwave the cup for 45 seconds on high and remove. Let it cool and cut out the cup.
  • For the maakhan malai whist all the ingredients together and pour it in a ISO cream siphon and foam it out on the plate.
  • For the sponge dust slow bake the sponge till crisp and powder the sponge.
  • Align the sponge and the foam layer by layer and sprinkle the almond flakes and pista flakes in between the layers.
  • Once the dessert is complete sprinkle the sponge dust all over the dessert.

Baileys Lollipop

Baileys Lolipop
Baileys Lolipop


Milk Full Cream 480 ml, Bailleys 12 gms, Dark Chocolate 90 gms, Sugar 15 gms


  • For the stuffing reduce the milk to make a rabdi. Add baileys to the same.
  • Temper the dark chocolate and make shells of the chocolate using molds and freezing the same.
  • Now pour the rabdi in the shells and deep freeze the same.
  • Prick in lollipop sticks and freeze. Serve the lollipop once the rabdi is frozen.

Happy Cooking And Bon Apetit Readers!