The ‘Do Not Miss’ Adventure Sport Bucket List

Adventure Sports
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Pump that adrenaline and soak in the adventure!

This season is carved for adventure lovers who wish to satiate their infinite desire to indulge in adventure sports that can provide the ultimate adrenaline rush. Go ahead and indulge but do keep safety top of mind always. 

Here’s a handy list of our most popular articles on getting the best of adventure, all in close proximity of Pune:

For A High Speed Weekend- Go Karting!

Go Carting

Come weekend and there is excitement all planned and ready to greet you. For our racing enthusiasts, this week we bring you a list of the popular Karting destinations in and around our city. Kart sport excites people of all ages since you can have the best of both, an outing and the thrill of speed at any of these tracks. Read More…

Bungee Jumping Spots

Have you ever dared to fall free from dizzying heights with just a harness to hold you up against gravity?  Well, If this gets your heart pumping and already try this spine-chilling experience, then we have it all sorted. Although there are not many spots in and around Pune to allow you a free fall from the cliff, we have managed to identify a list of Bungee jumping destinations that can give you an almost similar adrenaline rush. Read More…

Defying Gravity – Parasailing and Paragliding Spots 

Parasailing near Pune

Catering to the Puneite’s eternal fancy of flying high, we went around collating an adventure list for our aficionados to try their hands at parasailing and paragliding. The thrilling experience of soaring above luscious green, placid lakes and the undulating hilly terrain is just what you need for some end year adrenaline rush. Time to shift gears and soar into the sky! Read More…

#Pune365Weekends- 4 Off-Roading Havens Around Pune

off roading

Be it mountaineering or river rafting, nothing is more exhilarating than climbing hillocks, wading through water and taming any kind of terrain, in your beast. Off-roading, the mudslinging adventure has always been a favourite sport for the adventurous driver and rider looking for that extra adrenaline rush. It is however a specialised sport that has several technical skills required to perfect it to make it exciting and yet safe. Read More…

Best Trekking And Hiking Destinations- Forts Of Maharashtra

The adrenaline rush igniting you to ascend towards a heaven that lifts you above the sordid city life. That is what trekking is about, no matter how steep or narrow the way gets leading you to embrace nature’s bounty and create experiences that last a lifetime. The cultural capital Pune is not just famous for its heritage structures, but the history alleviates itself for adventure lovers as well. Read More…