Soon, Smart Bikes For Smart Police Patrolling In City

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In a bid to contain traffic violations in the city, Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited  (PSCDCL) have decided to introduce smart police patrolling in Aundh, Baner and Balewadi areas as part of the smart city initiative.

This agency is to procure 80 specially designed motorcycles for patrolling that boast of a slew of advanced features.

Speaking to Pune365, Sangram Jagtap, spokesperson of Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited  (PSCDCL) said that the public address system (PA) fitted on these motorcycles will work even when there is only one police officer riding the vehicle.

He will be able to communicate with the public through his helmet mike which will be linked to the PAS. Following components will be included in the system. Speakers mounted on the motorcycle. Helmet with inbuilt microphone linked to PA System. Motorcycles will have Sirens, Flash lamps will be placed on the front in such manner that the vehicle can be identified as that of the Pune City Traffic Police

Japtap further shared, the camera will be placed in a manner that it shall record all traffic violations of any manner. There will be a wide angle lens, USB cable charging adapter and GPS Tracking enabled with integration capability with existing system and systems to be deployed in future (Wireless and VTS) for the purpose of vehicle tracking.

Provision for live-streaming to ‘mobile traffic command control centre’ and ‘traffic command control centre’ at DCP traffic office is also built in to these bikes.

The bikes will have 2 carriages on the bike for the placement of jacket, baton, e-challan machine, mobile pocket for a wireless device, etc and one for helmet holder, he added.

Rajesh Mishra, Software professional says, The new bikes are definitely going to be a boon to curb the traffic issues in the city as this will ease the traffic police personnels work too.

However, Aundh, Banner, Balewadi are just a few areas and using a couple of bikes may not ease the overall situation. The department will need to target all the main areas of traffic congestion to make this effective, Mishra adds.  

Smita Jain, Content Marketing executive says, “How are few bikes going to help for solving traffic problems?”

I think rather than investing so much on smart bikes they would have come up with an initiative to ease the traffic problems or increased the traffic staff.

Smart Patrolling will help in smart policing, says Ajinkya Gawde, Blogger. The recorded violations in the camera cam can help issue E challans and this will ensure any violation is recorded and the offender penalised.


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