#ExpertSpeak: The Handy Guide To A Good Night’s Sleep

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A shut-eye in bed does not necessarily indicate deep sleep. With increased levels of stress and anxiety, sleep is today a large concern. We all need a good night’s sleep, as this will allow them to function properly throughout the day. When people find it tough to get to sleep, options such as counting sheep or reducing caffeine intake may be just a few that come to mind. But with this being said, just because one method works for one person, this doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. It is then understandable that anyone struggling to sleep may look into the idea of trying CBD related products as a different way to hopefully get to sleep. CBD is said to assist with improving various health conditions/ailments, so doing a quick google search into cheapweed, for example, could be the answer that some people may have been looking for. There’s always a way, especially when it comes to our health.

Additionally, when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, there are many factors that can contribute to this. From using devices less before going to sleep and not drinking caffeinated drinks, to even checking out something like Mattress in a box reviews, in the hopes of switching the old mattress for a brand new one, hopefully, it won’t be long before a good night sleep becomes normal.

While enough has been said on the advantages of a good night sleep, it isn’t always as simple as lying in bed. Deep sleep is today a luxury for many, given the fast paced lifestyle and unearthly work hours in large cities.

“Prolonged lack of sleep is turning many of us into zombies and the global phenomenon is tipping people further toward irrational and imbalanced behaviour,” quotes a Brisbane sleep researcher.

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Dr Seemab Shaikh

A good laugh and a long sleep is the best cure in the doctor’s book- Eminent authority of ‘Snoring and Sleep Apnea Management’ in the country, Dr Seemab Shaikh, swears by it.

Founder National President of Indian Association of Surgeons for Sleep Apnea (IASSA) and Senior ENT surgeon, Dr Shaikh spoke to Pune365 and shared some effective tips that can help you sleep like a baby. If you’re struggling with sleep apnea, you may wish to head to a clinic like this – https://lowtcenter.com/sleep-apnea-clinic/sleep-apnea-clinic-oklahoma-city/.

An Hour Of No Screen Time Before Bed

It is recommended that one should stay away from all electronic media and screens (phones, tablets, e-books, television etc), an hour before sleeping. The light emitted from these screens directly hits the retina, sending signals to the brain and hence keeping it active.

Say No To Carbs And Caffeine

All products containing caffeine and nicotine, cakes and food high in carbohydrates, and desserts and sweets should not be ideally consumed post 4 PM. The effects of these lasts long and the sleep pattern gets disturbed.

Hot Water Bath Can Work Wonders

If you are restless, you should try having a hot water bath or a warm cup of milk an hour before sleeping. The milk releases tryptophan which helps induce sleep.

Moderate Room Temperature

The bedroom should be in a comfortable moderate temperature (25-26 degrees when using air conditioning). Extreme temperature makes the body uncomfortable.

A Dark Room Helps

The room that you sleep in should be very dark and away from direct light. There should not be any light filtering in as light stimulates physiological or nervous activity.

Discard What Distracts You

The room should be void of anything that distracts you, be it a ticking clock or mobile phones. When you wake up at night, you should not be able to know what time it is, as it then starts playing on your mind and keeps it active.

Avoid fluorescent clocks, televisions or gadgets- they will distract you and disturb your sleep pattern. One can listen to light soothing music which is helpful in inducing sleep.


#All medical / health related information in this article is intended for reader information only and should not be construed as professional medical advise.

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