Shooting Great Portraits Made Simple

Portrait Photography is a branch of photography that demands a discerning pair of eyes behind the lens, along with a really sensitive approach. Being fast, bservant and creative is considered the hallmark of a good Portrait Photographer.

Pune365 has received several accolades for its vast repertoire of candid portrait photographs that tell a story on the city’s faces; And our way of saying thank you, to all our readers and photo buffs was to urge our man behind the lens, Sanket Wankhade to share a few secrets from his continued tryst with faces on the streets of Pune.

Changing your Perspective:

Changing the camera angle can add the special appeal to your picture

Looking off-Camera:

Have your subject looking outside the frame. This can create candidness and can also create curiosity in the mind of the viewer of what the person is looking at.

Shoot Candidly:

Posed pictures can look flat sometimes. Try and shoot candidly to add little bit flavour to your picture.

An Obscure Part of the Subject:

A variation on the idea of zooming in on one part of the body is to obscure parts of your portrait subject’s face or body.
Using ambient Lighting and The Use of Shadow’s:

Lights and shadows, when used properly, can really add depth to a portrait and it also adds intensity to your picture.. You don’t need great light to shoot on the streets. A combination of light and shadows works best when it comes to street photography.


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Imagery and Creative Inputs: Sanket Wankhade for Pune365
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