Pageant Guru’s Guide – Walking In High Heels

It could have turned Cinderella into a princess. Or its clicks may conjure visions of a femme fatale. Yes, it’s High Heels, preferred by many and disliked by some, yet walking in them is a herculean task. They are infamous for making amateurs walk like Donald Duck and trip dangerously. They also hurt too and can cause foot pain. For this reason, some people prefer to wear heeled boots or shoes that can give them a little extra support so walking isn’t an issue. Luckily there are shoe companies similar to Peter Sheppard dedicated to creating a range of knee high boots, and low heel shoes for those who enjoy heels but can’t master them. However, if you want to try to master your high heels you’ve come to the right place.

The fine ‘Art of Sashaying’ in high heels can be mastered. Puneite and Beauty Pageant Mentor, Ritika Ramtri has interesting tips on walking in heels in true supermodel fashion..

  1. While walking, put your ball of the feet first and then the heel.
  2. Take long steps but do not over cross for comfort and elegance.
  3. If your sole is slippery, rub / scratch it to give better grip.
  4. If you feel you are about to trip, apply pressure on the inside of your shoe to balance yourself.
  5. Practise walking in heels. After all, practise makes one perfect.

Now that this feat has got simpler you can do a Coco Chanel- ‘Keep your heels, head and standards high!’

Sakshi Arora

Sakshi Arora

A budding Journalist and Quantraille, Sakshi Loves Writing and anything exuding positive vibes..
Sakshi Arora