Monika Chordia & Praan:t : Creating Chic and Contemporary Style

Monika Chordia

‘There is no age for learning.’ The adage is inspiring but how many of us are brave enough to imbibe it in our lives? As a breath of fresh air and great example stands Pune Designer, Monika Chordia. She stepped into the career of fashion designing with her label – Praan:t after crossing the conventional age of a fresher.

We met with this feisty lady to unfold her fascinating journey: 

Give us an insight into your journey as a fashion designer.

My journey as a fashion designer began at the age when people traditionally start planning for retirement! I studied fashion in 2008 when my children were all grown up and planning their higher studies. I took it up as a hobby to nurture my creativity and do something productive escaping the empty nest syndrome.

What is the style USP of your brand?

Image: Praan:t by Monika Chordia

My brand is simple, chic and contemporary. It has soulful designs from the regions of India on offer.

Monika’s fashion tips for our readers?

Well, choosing right for skin and body type is a vast topic in itself but if I want to summarise it. If you have a warm skin tone, go for warm colours on the colour wheel, if it is cool, opt for cool hues, and if it’s neutral then muted shades of both warm and cool tones would be flattering on you.

To know which is your tone, have a close look at your veins of the wrist. If they veer towards blue or purple, you are cool. If green, you are a warm tone. And, if you cannot figure out and are a combination, you have a neutral skin tone.

The key to achieving a great body with clothes is to camouflage it in a way that it gives an illusion of an ‘hourglass’. It can be achieved by using the right volume on top, bottom or middle part of the body. And, using right direction and thickness of the lines, prints etc.

How would you compare Indian fashion with Western?

European and American fashion is driven by seasons as opposed to India. Here fashion festivals and weddings also play a vital role, along with the seasons.

Which celebrities have you dressed up?

Image : Praan:t by Monika Chordia

I have designed clothes for celebrities like cricketer Kiran More, film and theatre actress Medha Manjrekar and film director Ruhi More. It has been a pleasant experience, touch-wood.

What has been your biggest achievement?

My biggest achievement has been, to be able to step-up and create a niche in the world of fashion in my late thirties.

To come out of the cocoon and study with students of my children’s age was a struggle for me.

Other than that, I am blessed not to have sob stories to tell!  Nonetheless, I have worked really hard to reach where I am today.

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Sakshi Arora

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