Pune’s Summer Jacobs Prepares for ‘World Supermodel’ Title


Pune’s 19-year-old model Summer Jacobs has made Pune proud by winning World Supermodel India. She is now all set to land at Macau to contest at the international level.

We caught up with the lady to get an insight into the life and the things that come with the title of a supermodel


When did you enter the world of modelling?

My mother was a model and I was always inspired by her. My passion for modelling grew over time and it’s been 2 years since I started my journey as a model. I started at a very young age and I’m glad I did, because I got a lot of exposure and I hope to keep working towards perfection and greater heights.


What is your preparation routine for the international pageant?

Competing for the title has given me a responsibility and I believe a major part of my journey has just begun. I keep practicing; be it photoshoots, grooming, my walk or just being articulate. Practice does make one perfect.

I trained with The Tiara Pageant training studio in Pune where I acquired a lot of knowledge and training, not only for being a model, but also things I will use later in life.

Give us an insight into your journey that took you to where you are today?

I believe my main efforts were spent on proving myself and showcasing my talent. I have worked on myself a lot and tried my best to ace every task.

Your fitness regime?

I love the gym, I believe it’s more than just working out – it’s a medium of relaxation.

A healthy diet is important hence I’ve visited a few experts in order to follow it the right way. I swear by my routine, however, I do admit it’s difficult to have that will power to be strict with yourself but it’s certainly possible…

People often compare their looks to models and get self conscious. What message would you give them?

Each and every individual is beautiful and unique in their own way, nobody is perfect.

We must focus on things that are really important, we mustn’t let insecurities like these sink in. External beauty has a short time period and will eventually fade away; focus on things that will stay endlessly, like intelligence.

In my opinion that is something truly beautiful and worthwhile.

Where do see yourself in next five years?

I see myself making my mother and India proud. I will put my best foot forward to become a supermodel and I would not like to limit my dreams.

We would love to hear your beauty tips..

A good posture and confident walk makes anyone more attractive instantly.

And as I am a makeup enthusiast, I can’t emphasise its importance enough. Makeup is often criticised but it does not always have to be over the top.

Just a simple, natural or at times the no makeup – look will bring out the best in you.

Sakshi Arora

Sakshi Arora

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Sakshi Arora