In Conversation : Pune Designer & NIFT Alumnus Shikha Kothari


Fashion has gone beyond the realms of leisure now to reflecting one’s personality; Boosting self-confidence and adding poise is today catalysed by fashion and style. Pune boasts of some of the finest talent in design and style and is today a shoppers paradise.

We spoke to Shikha Kothari – a multi-faceted and talented designer of the city. She reveals her fashion journey and how she leverages her creativity through awe-inspiring outfits.


Shikha Kothari

How did your journey as a fashion designer begin?
My journey as a fashion designer began with the single-minded decision to become one. My attraction towards the arts made me apply at NIFT, New Delhi. And that is how it all started.

How do you tackle a creative block?
I make sure I surround myself with beautiful things that are aesthetically pleasing and that is enough to keep me away from creative blocks. For example – seeing a flower or a well laid table is powerful enough to inspire me.

Who are you inspired by?
Michelangelo is truly a source of inspiration. His works as a sculptor, an architect and an artist are truly mind-blowing. His works at the Saint Peters Basilica leave me humbled and awestruck.

Which is your favourite self-designed collection?
My latest collection El Pajaro is my favorite at the moment. The cottons, the blues, stripes and pretty embroideries with the lovely cuts are beautiful. I am a self critic but was happy with the way this collection turned out.

Where do you think Pune lacks in fashion?
I have no complaints about Pune’s fashion scene. But for a designer it is a bit difficult to carry out your craft here due to a couple of reasons. Lack of sourcing and availability of skilled manpower being few of them.

Give some advice on putting together a conservative party outfit ?
A beautiful knee length dress with chiffon and lace sleeves, adorned with thread and sequins embroidery will surely make heads turn and is ideal for a young girl.

Which Indian handloom fabric is the best and why?

Mulmul is my hot favourite. Mulmul is light- weight, breathable, simple and apt for the Indian summer.

What are your future objectives ?
My ultimate goal is to better myself with each collection. I want to further understand the depths of my craft and create pieces of art which support the Indian artisan, are humble yet pay a tribute to the world of design.


Sakshi Arora

Sakshi Arora

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Sakshi Arora