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There is nothing more heartening for animal lovers than being of service to helpless and orphaned street dogs. Abandoning animals and meting out cruelty to the ones on the street is on the increase in every city, and Pune is no different. 

Yet, there are a few true animal lovers who have gone out of their way to adopt and give happy lives to these helpless dogs and cats found on streets.

This weeks edition of our famous pet column is devoted to some of these lovely, heart warming stories from our very own city.. 

Hades and Zeus:

Hades is a labrador and was abandoned by a breeder, though we found him as a puppy says “Nayantara, a proud pet parent.

Hades And Zeus

One afternoon we were heading down to Salunkhe Vihar road, there was this watchman who told about this black puppy who has been eating thrash. The watchman knew us as he had seen us many times when we visited to feed the dogs in the area.

We just thought it’s a black puppy who needs medical attention. as he was very skinny, so we just took him to the vet and looked around for his owner. Later, we got to know that he was abandoned by an Irani guy, when he got deported back to his country..

He was just 45 days when we found him, so we picked him and took him to the vet and he revealed that he was a lab. We had no intention to keep him with us, but in the process of his treatment “We just fell in love with him that’s where we decided to adopt him”. And just to accompany Hades we adopted Zeus and they both live like brothers.

Zeus is an indie pup. The litter had only two of them left and Ruth’s mother use to hurt him a lot. One day I got a call from one of my friends who told me about Ruth, so we immediately went to the lady to see Ruth. The moment we saw him, we decided to adopt him.” she adds.


Snowy was love at first sight for me,” says Preeti Agarwal, Owner of a Petshop.

She was born on the streets in Mumbai. Initially, she was rescued by two girls from Mumbai. Snowy was very dehydrated and malnourished and her body rejected everything. She shivered in fear, each time anyone came close to her.

When she was stable she was put for adoption and I couldn’t think of anything else, apart from getting her in our lives Ever since, she has always been the apple of my eye, Preeti adds.


The story of Moti began when I was out for my routine workout, I saw this bundle of joy lying on the road,” says Mohit, Dog trainer.

I use to see them almost every day and feed them, among those six pups, I liked Moti a lot. Each day, I saw them playing, fighting and rolling on the road.

Unfortunately, in less than a month most of them died and the only one left was Moti.

After three days of intensive care he finally accepted me as his own, he was then playing, peeing, and pooping around in the house like a boss.

Now my mo, loves him more than she loves me, Moti has become the most important part of our lives,” he adds.

“I have eight indie dogs and one German Shepherd and they are dogs who have been rescued, Most of them were taken in from accidental cases, says Anson Anthony,

My GSD pup was around 45 days around when he was put for adoption, because he was suffering from gastro. The girl who had her was not ready to let him go, without taking money, So I had to pay her money and get the dog.

The only intention behind me doing that was to save the dog from dying. 

“None of my dogs have any health issue, my first rescued was an indie female who had multiple fractures after meeting with an accident in Deccan, the second was GSD, later I adopted one abandoned indie pup from a shelter. The next one I rescued had a maggot wound and was howling continuously in the bushes.”

“I also work for the welfare of animals and that’s how I have so many indie pets in my house, I don’t understand how and why do people even shop for dogs. They are just the most wonderful creatures in this world.

All they need is a lot of belly rubs and cuddles,” he adds.


Hazel has always been the adorable girl for her father Satdeep Singh.

“I had lost my baby Laika a year back and now it was time to bring home a new baby. That’s when I saw a post on facebook which caught my eyes, A breeder was caught and his new litter was up for adoption. I decided to get at least one of them and finally found her,” says Satdeep Singh.

She was kept in the cage where she could barely stand, as soon as I opened the cage she came running towards me, her eyes were golden brown I got completely lost in those eyes.

We named her Hazel, there itself. She was four months old but a very malnourished dog and weighed only 7kgs. She slowly recovered and adjusted well her in the new house.

“She has been the most beautiful dog you would have ever seen, she is a complete diva!” he adds.


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