#EasterFun: Your 62 Year Wait Ends Tomorrow!

Happy Easter


It has taken 62 years to happen and it is not a joke. For the first time since 1956, Easter has come on April 1 or April Fools’ Day. This rare occurrence provides many possibilities to have some good, clean fun along with the Easter festivities.

The Easter egg offers the ideal opportunity to play some pranks on both the elders and young ones.

You can do Plaster of Paris eggs, wooden eggs or even go to the Chinchwad area and pick up those plastic eggs which made the news a few days ago.

You can let your imagination run riot with the filings of course. You can stuff the insides with cloth, lens cleaners, rubber bands, clips or anything you like.

Or why not put a real egg inside the egg? Or some stones and gravel? For the macabre minded a cockroach or an insect won’t be out of place for the shock effect.

Let’s hope that this Easter Mass, the usual serious and pious priests open up their stiff white collars a bit and give us a few rollicking jokes that happened in Biblical times.

Am sure there may have been a few. Those Egyptians and Jews must have been up to some mischief somewhere. They always had a glint in their eye when seen in old pictures.

It would be nice for the congregation too. Of course, you cannot expect those who are in close contact with the Almighty to play practical jokes but some sporting gesture to mark the occasion would be absolutely divine.

How about announcing a fete or something to mark Easter and then actually not have any?No, am sure it would not pass muster, would it? Let’s give that a go without any further offence to God. It would be wonderful though to further lighten up the festivities with some good fun.

Such opportunities do not come frequently. The next one will happen only after a decade, in 2029. After that it will be 2040. And that will the last two for this century.

So get cracking now and make it worth your day. Don’t be a prude, dude. This is a chance of a lifetime readers!

And yes, Have a lovely Easter with much happiness and loads of good food! God Bless you All.