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Tales of a cheating spouse or one with a perpetually roving eye have always struck fear in the hearts of those long-time married.

Whether you’ve been recently married or considering tying the knot, this is one read that you cannot afford to miss! 

Presenting, Pune’s married men on the ground reality of the seven year itch:

Aditya Ghole, (34) speaks of an indiscretion a few years into his marriage. “I’m not proud of it and it was when my wife was away to see her parents. A colleague at work got a little too close to me. After being taking for granted by the shrew, a little extra attention was more than welcome.

I however, don’t regret it. It just showed me that I’ve still got it. I’m quite willing to be the well tamed lion these days. It may even have ensured I appreciate my partner more.

Ronit Ghosh, (39) has a different perspective. “I actually think I’ve grown fonder of my wife as the years passed.

Marriages are like rehab! The sooner you stop resisting the change (which does happen for the better) the sooner you accept it. The occasional withdrawal symptoms for freedom and bachelorhood do step in. That’s when you hit the bar with a couple of henpecked guys from work.

Toshib Usama confirms the theory of the seven year itch. Man is a social animal and like it or not, men and women are wired differently.

We have the capacity to love more than one women at a time. This is precisely why our higher power mandates that we have the option to marry more than once.

“It is simply a way to legitimize what others call one night stands. The same is not true for my wife. I don’t believe women can harbour love for more than one man at a time.”

Sandeep Doshi, (29) who is currently in the 9th year of his marriage gives us his interesting take on it.

I think you never stop checking out women walking by. It a natural thing and marriage doesn’t really neuter us, though it may feel like it sometimes.

“So for me it wasn’t something that started in year seven. Though, I wouldn’t let my wife hear me saying that,” he chuckles.


#Respondent names changed to protect their individual privacy. All views expressed are those of the individual respondents. 

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