When Your Favourite Pav Bhaji Turns Quirky

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A delectable blend of mashed potatoes, veggies and oodles of butter, Pav Bhaji is dished up with crisp buttery pavs. The dish that has won hearts across India is popular with Puneites as well.

If you’re a lover of bhaji pao, you should make a beeline to some of these outlets and savour a refreshing twist on the quintessential Pav Bhaji.

Dry Fruits Pav Bhaji

Definitely a dish you can’t find anywhere else, some of you may deem the makers of this Pav Bhaji particularly mad. Nonetheless, the flavours work well and are a must try if you like a twist on the usual dish. Their Italiano version of bhaji pao is also worth a try.

Where: Mad Pav Bhaji, Koregaon Park
Cost per plate: Rs. 229


Kolhapuri Pav Bhaji

This one seeks to offer you a spicy affair. If you’re shy of chilli then steer clear of the Kolhapuri masala in this one. It is the ideal order for spice lovers who crave a zing in their Bhaji pav. Their capsicum tava version is a stellar choice as well as it offers you the smoky flavor of roasted capsicum.

Where: Relax Pure Veg, Parvati
Cost per plate: Rs. 135

Punjabi Pav Bhaji

Graced with the pop of Punjabi spices, this rendition of the dish is a crowd pleaser. The eatery offers a jumbo version of the Punjabi dish as well, should you be packing a massive appetite.

Where: Aaoji Khhaoji, JM Road
Cost per plate: Rs. 140


Mushroom Cheese Pav Bhaji

A quirky twist, the addition of sautéed mushrooms does infuse their distinctive essence to the bhaji. However, if you are a fussy eater and like your Pav Bhaji just the way your mom makes it, you may want to skip this one and order their archetypal version that does not gamble with the authenticity of flavours you love so much.

Where: Jyoti Pure Veg, Kondhwa
Cost per plate: Rs. 140


Bombay Pav Bhaji

Some Puneites crave the spicy and tangy version of this dish that is unique to the streets of Mumbai. In case you happen to be one of them then head on over to Cream Craver. Their Bombay Pav Bhaji shall not disappoint.

Where: Cream Craver, Camp Area
Cost per plate: Rs. 120




#All prices mentioned are indicative and readers are advised to check with individual outlets to confirm rates. Images used for representation purpose only.

#This article is not an official Pune365 review of these outlets and is purely for reader information.  

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