#Pune365PhotoStory -The Iconic Juna Bazaar

Juna Bazar
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This bazaar ( the oldest in the city ) was originally called ‘Mangalwar bazaar’ during the reign of the Maratha’s.

After it was renamed Juna ( meaning old ) bazaar, this market was located on a part of the Vir Santaji Ghorpade path near Maldhakka chowk.

This iconic market place showcases almost everything ranging from clothes to antiques. It features an amazing range of copper ware, knives, and even the age old Victrola, the hand cranked record player !

Interestingly most vendors refuse to reveal where the source of these items..

Juan Bazaar is open for business every Wednesday and Sunday from 9 am to 7 pm. A more recent development is the plan to relocate this ancient weekly bazar and have it operate 7 days a week.


#Photos and Text: Sanket Wankhade for Pune365

# First Published in March 2017, Reproduced on reader demand.