#OddlyEnough: New Cattle Dating App For Farmers

Image Source: Reuters

Finding A Date Just Got Easy For Cattle

In a key boost for the farming community, a new app will help them in match-making for their cattle, says a report.

The Tinder-inspired app is helping farmers match up potential partners for their cattle, says the Reuters report. Called “Tudder” – a mix of dating app Tinder and udder – it lets farmers swipe right on cattle they like the look of.

They are then directed to a page on the SellMyLivestock website where they can browse more pictures and data about the animals before deciding whether to buy.

Valuable information is available on matters like milk yield and protein content, or calving potential, explained Doug Bairner, CEO of Hectare Agritech which runs SellMyLivestock (SML) and Graindex, a UK-based online agritech trading platform.

Dream Turns Nightmare For Musician

A man’s nap in the back of his car in Delaware, US, turned into a nightmare after the car he was sleeping in was stolen and crashed, says a report.

Musician Justin Koerner told the News Journal he had spent a night playing music with friends, went to sleep in his vehicle and had a dream involving someone jumping in his front seat, according to the AP report.

A Newark police statement says someone drove off in the car and bailed after seeing the man sleeping in the back. Police say the car crashed.

Koerner says he awoke and saw car treads on a lawn and a destroyed bush, then realised he hadn’t been dreaming.

Hello, There Is A Tiger In The House!

A woman who called Houston’s non-emergency dispatch line after discovering a tiger inside a cage at an abandoned home told the shocked dispatcher: “I’m not lying”, according to a report.

The Houston Chronicle obtained a recording of the call after animal rescue workers found the well-fed animal resting on a bed of hay inside a cage they said could be easily opened, says the AP report.

Police say a group of people looking for a place to smoke marijuana happened across the tiger. The woman told the dispatcher: “It’s pretty big.” Authorities say the animal weighed 159 kg.

Investigators have leads into who owned the tiger but say it may not be the person who owns the property. The tiger has been moved to an animal sanctuary in Texas. It was nicknamed “Tyson” after the movie “The Hangover.”

Thief Skates Over Thin Ice

A thief fleeing with the hot property he had stolen got a cold reception, says a report.

Police say the man who had just robbed a bank in Maine ran across four lanes of traffic and a restaurant parking lot before slipping on ice and dropping his gun and the money in front of a state police special agent, according to the AP report.

Waterville Police Chief Joseph Massey told the Morning Sentinel a gust of wind swept the greenbacks across the parking lot while the man was apprehended.

The special agent had no idea a bank had just been robbed. But he was suspicious enough to get out of his car and tackle the man. The weapon turned out to be a BB gun.

No Reversal Of Fortune For Russian Kid

A Russian teenager has refitted his car to drive it backward, and got a shoutout from Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, says a report.  But this didn’t stop the police from stripping him of the car registration.

The 18-year-old was stopped from driving the battered Lada backward. The teenager showed in a video posted on social media that he had refitted the car, removing what was underneath the hood to where the trunk normally is, and reversed the driver’s seat.

The video, posted on Twitter by the Russian television station NTV, got a shoutout from Musk’s verified account who said, in Russian, that it was “awesome.” Local police, however, were not impressed and fined the teenager for driving backward, illegal refitting the car and driving without insurance.