#ObesityKills – This Is What You Can Do To Live Longer

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Did you know that the extra cheese you just ordered with the burger and fries may just be shortening your lifespan?

Obesity is now a larger than life problem and is known to a significant cause for several lifestyle diseases today.

How bad is the situation and what are the methods to control this growing malaise among citizens ? We spoke to city based specialists to ascertain their views and advise on staying healthy, sensibly.

Dr.Mini Manoj

Obesity is largely the fall out of an affluent and sedentary lifestyle.

It is the stepping stone to most of the chronic medical illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease etc.

These diseases have complications which end up affecting the lifespan of the patients.

I think preventive measures like eating less and more healthily coupled with incorporating regular exercise into one’s routine is essential, says,” Dr. Mini Manoj, Consulting Physician.

Obesity is the most common health hazard of our modern era. Few reasons for this can be stress, diet, lack of exercise or sedentary habits and most contributing factor to this, is technology and machines says, Dr.Dimple Oswal a Nutritionist.

Humans beings have come up with all methods of reducing their work, like vehicles have made transportation easy but have made humans lazy. And a major liability to this is Obesity.

And obesity can be a cause to a lot of long-lasting diseases like Depression, Migraine, Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Dyslipidemia, Asthma, Non Alcoholic fatty liver, Cardiovascular Diseases, Degenerative joint diseases and even some cancers.

Most importantly the quality of life reduces. I think the only solution is correcting the lifestyle by following diet and exercise. There are many different ways to prevent all these  effects through Diet planning, Stress Management, Relaxation techniques, yoga etc.

Basically, there are no short-cuts to fight obesity and one has to work hard” she adds.

Sneha Salian (Dietician) believes, ” Obesity is the root. Lifestyle as a whole has changed today. Technology has its own pros and cons. People are too dependent on machines and they barely walk.

Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Kidney Dysfunction, liver failure, Orthopedic issues and many more are effects of obesity. Moreover, it creates psychological pressure on the society. Lack of confidence and depression are a few problems one faces due to obesity.

Childhood obesity is one of the most common issues seen today. Parents focus on academic and extra-circular activities from the time they are born, but the concept of outdoor games has almost vanished.

Moreover, the concept of packaged and junk food has stepped in. People don’t realize the number of preservatives used in them and to what diseases they will lead to.

” I go to the gym regularly and I believe working out in any form is very necessary. Obesity is leading because people don’t just eat junk food, they are live for it. Regular consumption of junk food, no workout, sit and relax, and not even a walk after dinner, is just making their life unhealthy says Harsh Taldar, Fitness enthusiast.

Obesity is not a minor problem as people believe. It can lead to death, cholesterol level increases, severe knee issues due to excess body weight and even leads to blood pressure.

I think regular workout, yoga, and a healthy diet is the key to prevent obesity”.

Sedentary lifestyle is the leading cause of obesity as there is no physical activity.

One of the major causes is junk food as it adds a lot of weight to one’s body, opines  Dr.Sujata Rathi, Dietician and fitness Advisor.

Body’s weight should be as per the height of the person. For instance, if the height of a person is 160 cms then the weight should be 60kgs to a maximum of 70kgs.

People should understand one simple thing, higher the weight, more the diseases.

To avoid problems, a well balanced diet should be maintained. Also, one must be engaged in some physical activity like Yoga and Pranayama, Walking, Aerobics etc. Sleep should also be adequate and good consumption of water will keep one healthy and stress-free .”





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