#Migrants: Pune Is Still One Of The Safest Cities To Live In

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Pune has always been considered a safe city and plays home to lakhs of migrants from all over the globe. Education and Information Technology play the magnet attracting thousands of students and young professionals to this vibrant city.

A fall out of the increasing population is an increase in the crime rates. While house-breaks and murder cases were considerably less in 2017, a report suggested that molestation cases recorded larger numbers in 2017.

Is Pune losing its image of being one of the safest cities of our country? Are the younger citizens feeling unsafe ?

We spoke to young migrants living in the city to see how Pune fares in the safety index:

Neetu Singh Ranawat, Social Media Analyst says, ” It’s been 8 years since I moved with my family to Pune from Udaipur.

Pune has been extremely safe for me. Firstly, I don’t go outside late night and if by chance I am out, then I make sure I am with trusted friends.

I do not interact much with the locals since language is a barrier, but overall, Pune is definitely safe.

“I belong to Bihar and moved with family to Pune seven years ago. I believe that Pune is the best place to stay says, Raju Kumar Singh, Engineer.

It is 100 percent safe to stay for an individual, as well as a family and we are totally satisfied with our decision of moving.

Yes, there are crimes and cases like that in every city and Pune too has its share, but I haven’t faced any incident like this yet. Though a few stray fights on roads and other places are a common sight here.”

Priya Rai, Student says,” I am from Jabalpur and came to Pune for my Post-Graduation. and I basically belong to Jabalpur. Pune is an extremely safe city especially for girls.

Even at 3 am, If we feel like eating something or just go out for a ride, we can safely log without any fear at the back of our mind. Most of the crowd here are students and from various parts of the country so the environment is also nice and quite safe. 

“I moved here two years ago, and I liked Pune right from my childhood when I visited the city quite often. So for me, this is a familiar place, says Tejal Tiwatne an Engineer.

I don’t usually go out late but if I do, I have good friends and family around. Since they are aware of the areas that are considered safe, so we haven’t really faced any issue so far. 

Pune has a student culture and they tend to party and drink a lot. Recently I came across an incident when two girls were totally drunk and their boys had left them outside a hotel and gone. It was post two am and they didn’t seem in a state to manage either. I don’t know what happened to them but this kind of thing can happen in any city if you don’t be responsible.

I take precautions too. I have heard that at Khadi-Machine chowk at night people try and get you to stop and then rob you. So now, I do not take that route in the night. After all our safety is in our hands and we cant blame the city always”

Saikat Bhowmick, Sales Manager says,” I had shifted to Pune 9 years back. I believe that every city has its share of crime. I’ll call a city safe, if the ratio of these criminal activities is less and Pune is like that.

Also, I think that the administration of Pune and entire Maharashtra is fairly attentive on such matters. Like my own hometown Calcutta, I think locals here know how to respect women.

The Police here are prompt and take action too. They have taken a lot of steps to reduce cases of chain-snatching and burglaries and this has helped. Overall, in my opinion Pune is still very safe.”


Riya Kalwani

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