Do You Know What To Do With Your Wet Garbage?

Composting - Kitchen waste management


It is only a matter of time before the civic authorities decide to stop collecting your wet waste and garbage. Puneites will then have no option but to look at sensible means to disposing their wet waste or better still make use of it through the method of composting.

Aerobic composting can be a hassle-free process through simple techniques and these Puneites who have been doing this effectively and managing the process effectively give us the details…

What is Composting?

Aerobic Compositing is the decomposition of organic material that can be added to soil to help plants grow. Food scraps and yard waste currently make up 20 to 30 percent of what we throw away and should be composted instead. There are so many things that you wouldn’t even think you could compost, but it is possible. Every individual is responsible for looking after the planet and living a cleaner life for the future of our world. Horse manure is a classic use of something you wouldn’t think was great for composting… but it is and furthermore, the question has been asked “can i compost dog poop?” and although it sounds absurd, the answer is yes. Anyone who is out walking their dog, can use biodegradable dog waste bags like ‘Doggy Do Good’ bags and then throw them straight onto the compost heap, instead of being tossed into landfill with everything else. Do lots of research on composting, because it is possible to recycle lots more than first thought.

The end results are rich in nutrients for the soil and is often referred to as ‘black gold’.

step-by-step composting

“I think everyone must start waste management segregation in their houses,” Sushil Ganghotri, Banker.

“Composting must be done in the compounds, terraces and gardens. People need to adapt the technique of composting in housing societies. Every building generates so much of waste daily, if segregated at source and used for composting, there will be an end to this garbage issue very soon. It is a slow process, but it is an easy and beneficial one,” he adds.

Adding to the list of environment conscious citizens, Richa Desai, Research analyst has been practicing composting for over 8 years ,both in her house and in her Society.

“I understand the importance of composting and segregation of waste. Initially we started with a small group of people on WhatsApp which has helped us a lot to learn and implement new things”.

“I remember attending a seminar which inspired me to start composting. I have been composting for the past 20 years”. Savita Salunkhe, Housewife.

“No garbage should go out of your house, or at least it should be minimal. If we compost our waste and send the rest to recycling, our city will be so much cleaner”, she adds.

“There is no concept of waste in nature. It’s only in the urban landscape that we’ve formed this concept,” says Ashish Naik, Software consultant.

“My waste should be my responsibility should be the doctrine for every citizen. It is a great initiative, and every citizen should adhere to composting. Being a part of this, even remotely, has helped me to convert my waste into useful manure.” He adds



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