Karnala Beckons- Majestic Fort, Birds, Dense Forests, Treks And More

Kalnala Fort
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Much praised for its natural beauty and the bird sanctuary, Karnala is home to various native and migratory birds.

Karnala beholds dense forests, hills and a picturesque view that is a treat for nature lovers.

Kalnala Fort
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The Karnala ort was built during the Devagiri Yadavs and the Tughlaq rulers well before 1400. It was later under the rule of Sultanate of Gujarat and eventually taken by the Nizam Shah of Ahmednagar in 1540.

A Portuguese ruler Dom Francisco de Menezes along with the Gujarat sultanate won the Karnala Fort back again. Approximately 500 soldiers stood together and won back the mighty fort and it was left to the the hands of Gujarat sultans under the leadership of Portuguese.

This destination is also famous for trekking with a lovely hour long walk surrounded by the lush green forest.

Kalnala Fort
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Reaching Karnala:

To reach Karnala, the best option is to drive through the Mumbai Pune Expressway, that connects the two destinations. If you prefer a train, the nearest railway station is Panvel. Local transport is available from Panvel and also to move around in Karnala.

Karnala Fort’s Cuisine

Excellent dhabas along the route will transport you back to the traditional maharashtrian cusinie. Some of them serve mouth watering Konkani and seafood dishes too.

Karnala Fort

Kalnala Fort

It has two forts, one on the higher level and other at the lower end. There is a high basalt pillar which is 125 feet high, popularly known as the Panda tower. The fort was ruled till 1818 by the Karnala rulers including Mudhan, Angres, and Peshwas. The fantastic greenery offers a breathtaking view.


Karnala Bird Sanctuary

The major tourist attraction of the fort is the bird sanctuary, it is located at the base of the fort. A heaven for bird watchers and wildlife photographers, the sanctuary holds 150 species of native birds and 37 species of migratory birds.

Shiva Temple

The temple was built in 1060 by Manmuniraja of Shilahara Dynasty. The exterior walls of the temples are beautified and displays sculptured images and stories of Shiva and Vaishanava

Bhavani Temple

The temple is famously known as Bhavani Khadageshwar Temple. Located on the mountain peak and surrounded by Buddhist rock caves and historic water tanks. Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped in this temple that is praised for its majestic glory. The forest surrounding the area in the backdrop provide a scenic view to the visitors.


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