#Furholics: This Is How Candy And Sassy Deepti And Anuj Can Get


They go for really long runs together and they enjoy looking after community animals together. Deepti Kolar an IT professional and husband Anuj Navare, a finance professional are doting parents to their fur babies Candy and Sassy. 

Says Deepti,”Without them our life would be much poorer and less joyful! Even though they have tamen over everything! Sofas, beds, etc. Nothing is safe from Candy! “ 

Furholics speaks to Deepti about Candy and Sassy

Sassy With Deepti And Anuj

Two That “Happened”

Both of our dogs ‘just happened’. We found Sassy (now nine and a half ) near our house with a broken leg so we took her in. The plan was to foster her till she gets alright. However, we fell in love with her. Similarly, we found Candy as a 3 month old pup with blue eye syndrome, took her in for treatment and she’s still with us! Candy is three years old now.

The Routine


Sassy can’t walk much however, Candy is an energy ball. So she is taken for long walks and runs.

The fixed routine we have for both is when we take them down 4 times a day for their ‘business’.


Other than that, both are free in the house to run, play, bark, chew  destroy, etc. 

Never A Dull Moment

Never a dull moment with these two ladies around the house. Candy is easily the more lively and mischievous doggie. She is all over the place running around and is also busy looking out on the road to check whom to bark at.


Sassy used to be very active but is now approaching 10 years old and hence is quieter. Sassy opens up to everyone wagging her tail all the time, Candy is very very shy and only comfortable with a select few.

They are mama’s kids for sure as i pamper them and let them do whatever they want without really shouting at them.

Anuj is a little strict with the dogs, but at the end, he also given in to their tactics.

The Funnies

Candy is hilarious to watch when she is told that she is going for her bath. She starts trembling and tries to run away and hide! She rarely irritates us but it’s mostly when she takes FOREVER to get her jobs done on the morning walk.

Sassy and Candy don’t like to walk in the rain. They don’t like to get their paws wet and refuse to do their jobs quickly.

Sassy is a very smart and understanding dog, so she gets irritated with Candy as well and there are times when she refuses to look at Candy!

That’s the beautiful story of the two darlings. 

Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan is editor and publisher of Tell Tail, Pune’s only petzine and partner, Petsworld, a pet food and accessories store. ’Furholics’ appears every Saturday on Pune365.
Uma Karve Chakranarayan