Has Time Eroded The Very Definition Of Love?

Heart and love
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Love plays different roles in everyones lives. For some, it is a feeling of affection and for others, a feeling of tenderness and fondness towards someone special. 

Often, love is just about the intimacy and nothing more. With each passing generation, the definition of love has changed and so has its depth.

We asked Puneites of different generations on what love meant to them and how its interpretation has changed over the years…

Lovedeep Singh, a 26-year old engineer, believes,” Love is a very strange feeling for me. Love is something that is very magical.

Just being with someone for a long time or married need not necessarily mean that I love her.  I may like her a lot, enjoy with her, be happy with her but I can’t say that will surely lead to love.

Love for me is freedom, individuality, and comfort. I would love to have a cup of tea with her each morning, but I won’t have coffee instead, just because she likes it. if she likes it. Why should I change? And If love means changing,  I will never be in love, he adds.”

But for Javed Bhatti, a 55-year-old poet it is different,”Love for me is romance. It is the time when I feel different, life becomes the smell of flowers and dreams and everything seems so beautiful. I begin to see the world through rose-tinted glasses.

It is that inexplicable feeling when spirits soar and there is a spring in the step. There are also the reality checks, but if there is a feeling of comfort with a person I love, then what more do I need?

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For Srushti Patil a 43-year-old, Love is a feeling of commitment. To genuinely love a person keeping all his oddities aside. Love for me, scores above looks and mannerisms.

It’s more important for me to know how a person’s soul is. Sometimes people with average looks have a gem of a heart. I don’t know what it is for the generation today, but for me, it is above money, prestige and everything else.

Love is happiness and happiness is always pretty.It’s just the way you see it”

Shon Bob, a 25-year-old, Merchant navy officer, says,” As long as the person I like or love trusts me, believes in me and gives me love in return, I need nothing more.

Compared to the older generations, when there were a lot of conditions like not going out, or not speaking to all, today’s generation is far more liberal. Inter-caste and age gaps are no big problem now at least in most cases.

If someone is comfortable with what I am doing and vice versa and we share everything with trust and true, that is love for me.”

Harsh Bhatia, a 19-year-old student says,” Love is different in every generation. I think there is no such thing as love. Our generation is always fond of looks and attracted to someone for intimacy.

And, I don’t believe in the earlier ideology of love at first sight, things like this never happen.

I have been in a healthy relationship with a lot of girls, but there was never something called extreme love. I like girls who are good looking, open minded and not serious about love.


Riya Kalwani

Riya Kalwani

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Riya Kalwani