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Destination Weddings
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Will you marry me? Yes!

After that comes the wedding planning. Some people choose to keep it simple, while some others want pomp and splendour displayed. Some book the best wedding photography Charlottesville cameraman they can get, others make DIY wedding decorations for their personal enjoyment. Destination and themed weddings are all the rage. Furthermore, it seems that elopement is also an increasingly popular option. Couples can now reach out to a specialist elopement wedding planner and photographer such as Adventure Instead and enjoy an entirely unique ceremony on their own terms. Your special day can be made into what you want. However, you need to take into consideration is many aspects of your day. From outfits, to food and choosing a photographer like Olga Topchii Photography, it can all be very overwhelming. If you opt for a destination wedding, you need to find vendors that are local to the area. There’s no point looking at photographers in New York if you’re going to get married in Australia, you need to look for Wedding Photography Melbourne for one example to find a photographer in the area unless you’re planning on flying out your first choice from your home town. So, what’s the general consensus when it comes to destination weddings according to our readers? Let’s find out.

The city is already famous for having big fat Indian weddings and Now, destination weddings are the in-thing for several citizens, to add that grandeur to the wedding.

“I don’t think it is a good idea, it’s a sheer waste of time and money says,” Arti Agarwal, Event coordinator.

Our parents work for 30- 40 years for the wedding day, it’s illogical to spend their entire saving for one day.

For that amount, they can travel to five different countries. Moreover, why spend so much money to feed a bunch of people, who I hardly know and care about.

Chotelal Rajput, Businessman says, ” My niece had a destination wedding, so I had to throw it too.

Although I am not very rich, yet, to keep up with the prestige of our family, I had to do it.

I belong to a Marwari family we generally have this big fat wedding and being the father of the bride is no easy game. From traveling to dropping them back, this was entirely my responsibility. Though we had wedding planners, it wasn’t an easy task to keep an eye on everyone.

The fact that nobody really cares about how much you spend and your budget, It is only you, who loses all the hard earned money in a day. Everything in a marriage is short-lived,” he adds.

Yes, of course, a destination wedding, I know I can afford it, why should I settle down for less, says Anuja Mankar, Call centre executive

My partner and I, don’t want a common wedding and we want it outside the box.

Our wedding should be the talk of the town. Marriage is a one-time affair and we aim to make it remarkable.

I don’t care about whether people think destination weddings are a waste. We have already secured our future so we don’t need to compromise on our wedding, she adds.

“We are getting married for ourselves and not for others. I want a small simple wedding where we tie a knot at a temple.” says, Shailesh Achrekar, Photographer.

Marriage is a ceremony where two people come together and declare their love for each other, But in India, it is a day to show off your wealth and social status. Spend what you can afford, just to keep up with the social prestige Don’t go into debt,” Shailesh adds.

Our society is very demanding and the money spent on marriage is a waste, says Harischandra Mohite, Retired Citizen.

My daughter is getting married next week and we had saved for her destination wedding, but she refused the fancy wedding and made us understand, that money can be invested in her future instead.

Instead of feeding some strange relatives, she chooses to feed poor people on her wedding day.

She is soon planning to open her own restaurant in the city, with the money saved from marriage,” adds Mohite.


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