Yes, The Boss Is A Woman And She’s Better At Work

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Interestingly, most people find it difficult to perceive a lady as a leader, despite the amazing work and success that women have displayed globally. The most natural thing for a lot of people even today, is to assume that the Boss or a leader is a male. 

Pune365 decided to examine this trend and spoke to a cross section of citizens in Pune, to understand the psychology behind such perceptions and the reality in the corporate world.

Radhika Parashar, Journalist, opines, “ yes, I agree with the fact that when someone refers to their ‘boss, the first image that comes to the mind, is that of a man. Maybe because it’s the general perception of people, both men and women. But I don’t believe that women face any difficulties at a workplace to be noticed as a leader, with so many steps being taken to emancipate women, it would be wrong to say that.

Our Ministers of External Affairs and Defence are women. Chief Ministers of many of our states are also women and The Speaker of Lok Sabha is also a woman. To be honest, even at homes, the petticoat government has always had more control over the families” she adds.

“When we talk about leaders, there is a perception of leading by force and power. Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Abraham Lincoln, Julius Caesar, John F. Kennedy, Adolf Hitler are the first leaders that come to our minds because of their philosophies and beliefs.
Yet, in the present scenario, Christine Lagarde, Aung San Suu Kyi, Angela Merkel are competing to be the finest leaders in the world.

I believe that a leader is not the strongest person, but is the wisest person in a company. A leader understands his/her strengths and acts accordingly.

Reports say that men are more command-oriented and directive. They are better at branding themselves.

They deal better with work-related stress, also have higher emotional stability and take risks often but are short-term oriented says, Vishesh JainDirector, Gyan Ganga Group of Institutions.

They men are more focused on their goals needs and pressures and are often thrilled, by a quick win. But, on the other hand, women are more cooperative and democratic. They encourage their employees to find their own paths.

They are more modest and silent about their achievements and successes, but women also have lower emotional stability. Researches also show that Women can lead a team effectively and are driven by long-term outcomes.

Women are more likely to understand disruption, embrace transformation, and to innovate.

Women don’t face any difficulties when identified as a leader at workplaces but we cannot deny the fact that men are more supported and encouraged than women are in the society, backhanded by the perception of Male Dominant Society. The adaptability of a body may differ but intelligence can not. An average man is stronger than an average woman. but is not wiser ” he adds.

Sandeep Phuke  says,” I have been a Human Resource professional for 14years now and I have recruited many people.
Yes, I have noticed that people often pre-assume that a leader or a boss, has to be a male. It’s the general perception of the society. Talking about my company the tables are turned here, most of our employees are women like our Ex – Global HR was a lady, also, there are many female leaders in our company.

Women get equal opportunities in the workplace, as the scenario has changed in the past few years. I think out of 10, 5 of the leaders are female and that’s because they are more efficient, sincere and hardworking.

Yes, they are sometimes emotionally weak, but they are working on that too. I believe women are better leaders as they not only manage work, they manage home too”.

I have been in HR for nine months now. The general perception of people, is that a boss is a male. There can be many reasons for this and one can be that since childhood, we see that the head of the family is a male and often the decision maker of a family is usually the father, so, this can be a reason for that perception.

I believe at the workplace, gender doesn’t matter if a woman is capable enough to lead a team. If she delivers better results to the company, than she will be a good leader. The only problem they fac,e is that they lack the freedom of time, that the males have, says Neha Kasht


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