#CoupleSpeak: This Is How Annoying My Partner Can Get

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It is all sugar and honey in a relationship till the irritating personal habits of the partners come to the forefront…

While the love remains strong despite these irritants, it often does get annoying, say our city couples.

Pune365 spoke to young couples and asked them as to what irritated them most about their partners and lo and behold came a slew of interesting complaints:

Sneha Sharad, Content writer says, “My boyfriend is never on time, he takes forever to leave the house.

Its been two years now, and I can’t recollect a single occasion when I have watched the start of a movie, or made it to any appointment on time!”

It always bothered me and it still does! Now, I keep a margin and tel him so that we end up being on time. 

Another thing that irritates me is the way he wants the TV volume high, irrespective of the time of day or night, however, I cannot do much about it, Sneha added.

My girlfriend is very finicky and everything depends on the vibes she gets, especially when we’re out to eat. I remember changing nine restaurants on one occasion.

It is not only irritating but embarrassing too. Another thing that irritates me is she can’t stop talking, even when we are in the bedroom, says Rohit Tulpule, HR professional.

Deepika Patel, Nutritionist says, He is addicted to his phone.

It is irritating to see him playing video games and surfing social media all the time even when we’re out with friends. It is very annoying that he doesn’t have free time for me.

The only time he speaks to me is while we’re making love, which is again irritating. I don’t like people talking while making love, making love is to feel your partner. But some people like him ruin it completely.

I have tried enough explaining all this to him, but he continues doing what he wants. Patel added.

Kunal Jagtap, Tatoo artist says, “My girlfriend is a tomboy, she buys all girly stuff, but wears mine.

If ever I don’t find anything in my wardrobe, I know for sure that she is wearing it, or it is in her wardrobe.

It is irritating to rummage through her wardrobe to get my favourite tee.. I have given her the choice of buying men’s clothes or taking a pair of two t-shirts whichever she likes. But every time she promises not to use mine and she continues doing it.

Another irritating thing about her is her laziness with doing household chores. She will do her tasks only once or twice the whole week, be it filling the bottles or doing the utensils, Jagtap added.

The bad ones outnumber the good ones, says Priyanka Ghosh, techie.

Among the four most annoying habits is one where he chews his food with his mouth open and dips all his fingers in the food.

And then burps and passes wind without being sorry about it! Nothing annoys me more than this!




#All views expressed in this article are those of the individual respondents (some names are changed on request) and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them.

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