#Pune365Local -Karve Road Is A Pedestrian Nightmare Say Irate Citizens

Karve Road, Pune
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The city’s pedestrians are up in arms seeking better infrastructure to help them move around in a safe and secure manner.

The authorities’ indifference to their safety on the main roads of the city is an increasing concern that must be addressed. 

Karve Road, a trunk road of the city sees thousands of vehicles plying on it every day and  has virtually become a nightmare for any citizen to cross over safely. 

Among the several residents Pune365 spoke to, 80 percent said that crossing the road is a major problem here. They also opined that creating a sustainable infrastructure to ensure pedestrian safe streets is mandatory, given the rapid development and increased vehicular population of the city. 

“The entire stretch from Deccan corner to Paud Bridge has one flyover and that too at the extreme end of the road. It is really difficult to cross the main road when the traffic is forever at its peak,” says Sanjana Sahay, a Pune University student.

“Be it early morning or late night, it is virtually impossible to cross the road due to vehicles driving at high speed through the comparatively empty lanes. Hence, a pedestrian overbridge here is mandatory to help people cross the road with minimum risk,” she adds.

“The entire traffic from law college road, Baner, Deccan, Mahatrey Bridge halts at the Nal Stop signal. Here there are two traffic junctions, one after the other and it is chaotic always. In such cases it is evident that pedestrians will have difficulty in going across the main road.

“Even the Deccan Corner signal is bad because most of the time the signal is not working and there are no police to manage the traffic.

Also, people are very impatient to wait voluntarily for the traffic to clear or to let the pedestrians cross the road,” quotes Sanjeev Acharya, a graphic designer.

“With the metro construction underway, the entire stretch has become a battlefield,” quips Raj Mahajan, a marketing executive.

“This stretch is one of the busiest routes that routes traffic to different parts of the city. Inconsiderate vehicle owners, increasing traffic and the PMPML bus drivers with their excellent driving skills makes it worse.

Eventually, it is the pedestrians who suffer. Although there are traffic policemen at the Nal Stop signal, many drivers still decide to take a ‘U’ turn even when the turn is restricted making it risky for commuters.

It is time that the authorities come with a comprehensive plan to Karve road more safe and pedestrian friendly,” adds Mahajan.

Nal stop is the worst junction if you decide to cross to the other side of Karve Road, says Laxmi Rajan Shinde, a home maker.

“With traffic coming from all the sides, it is impossible to heed the traffic signals and reach the other side of the road without bumping into a vehicle.

It is worse for people with kids and the elderly to go across the road. Why haven’t the authorities ever thought of coming up with multiple foot-over bridges or an underpass?

Isn’t the safety of the pedestrians a matter that needs serious consideration,” Shinde adds.


#All views are those of the individual respondents and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them.

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