Conquering Fear Is The Key To Staying Safe

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Safety is today the biggest concern for every woman, or her family and every action is ruled by the parameters to ensure the lady is safe. Be it city commute, long distance travel, working at heights, or even an outing, ensuring safety remains paramount.

What is considered safe is often relative and a parent may believe that their daughter travelling in a train is safe, if she has a family seated next door. Yet, for the girl, she may feel more confident if she had people her own age as co-passengers.

The ‘Safe Zone’ for a woman is often quite different from what we believe of it, say these young Puneites we spoke to:

Nidhi Rathore, (Student preparing for the Armed forces) says,” Only a girl senses how safe she is actually in a particular environment. Girls have an inner instinct that warns them.

Recently, I went on a girls trip to Himachal in a taxi. It was our first such trip. Initially, we suspected every human being we saw, including our driver whose vibes we didn’t think were good. Eventually, when we halted for dinner, we got pebbles and chilies as a precaution.

It seemed extremely funny to us later, but then prevention is better than cure. I remember when we were on our way to the first destination, I stayed awake for 12 hours since I wary of the driver. I believe in the ideology ‘ Your safety is in your hands’.

Safety has a different meaning for every individual. For me, enjoying one’s individuality is very important.

Be it traveling with friends, or family, you need to know that eventually you are traveling with yourself. So keep that alive, says, Aastha Pokharna, an assistant manager.

Parents are always worried when their daughters travel irrespective of whether she is alone or going with a group of girls. There are situations when my parents prefer me going out with a group of boys, rather than the girls, as they think that safer. But I don’t feel the same way.

Firstly, you never know anyone’s instincts and secondly making plans with them just because they’ll keep me safe, seems pointless to me. I think you are safe with whoever makes you feel comfortable.

For me, dancing with random people, deep conversations with my kind, and relaxing on the beach is my way of enjoying my life. I will be safe as long as I am confident of my company, she adds”

Nazish Sheikh opines,”I believe there’s isn’t a safe zone for a girl in a country like India. It hardly matters with whom you are traveling, you still buy everyone’s gaze.

She has to take care of herself and often in an unfamiliar environment. I think a group of people the same age is safer.

The company she is traveling with is most important. Places and pictures come after people. The more they gel, the better the environment gets. Frankly, If I am stranded on a highway, I’ll be happy seeing a girl or group of people my age, rather than old people or families.”

“I have traveled to many places and I have learned a lot of things after that. A girl is safe, when fear is kept away.

Irrespective of where you may travel to, all people can never be trusted, but you shouldn’t fall prey to fearing them everybody says, Sneha Patik, Student.

Every situation can be handled, as long as you believe in yourself.

The moment you doubt yourself, fear creeps in. I feel staying positive is imperative for safety. See everything, notice everything, but, do not invite negative thoughts.

Riya Kalwani

Riya Kalwani

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Riya Kalwani