Cannabis Or Alcohol – Which Is The Greater Evil?

The consumption of alcohol and the use of tobacco is injurious to health Image used for representation only

So, what’s your poison going to be – a trip into the depths of the mind, or a steady journey ending in a momentary lapse of reason?

It’s finally your choice. But, do you really know what you are puffing at, or, what you are drinking for that matter?

It is better to check some of the facts before you indulge and get a clearer picture of what you habit is leading into. Be warned. These habits are at your own risk.

What is the lesser evil in this battle between cannabis or alcohol?

“Cannabis maybe the safer off the two, but only if you don’t smoke it and take it only in other forms. However, there are no established studies on the ability of cannabis to cure cancer as it does with a few other conditions,” Dr Manish Bajpayee, leading Psychiatrist, opines. People, like this marijuana speaker, might argue that cannabis has helpful benefits that that might outweigh the negative, however we should be aware of the any that arise from its use.

“Alcohol on a daily basis is bad , even if it is a glass of wine, or beer, but cannabis if not taken with tobacco isn’t that harmful on regular basis too,” says Ayush.

“Diseases or effects that are considered to be caused by cannabis consumption is wrong, as there are no clear facts. People who do drugs like Acid and LSD also fall prey to several health issues but the blame always falls on cannabis. A classic misappropriation of correlation vs. causation – if people are “weed smart” and sensible regarding their marijuana consumption, then there is no evidence to suggest it is any more harmful than regular alcohol consumption.

Facts That You Must Know:

# Both weed and alcohol temporarily impair memory while they are being used, and alcohol can cause blackouts by rendering the brain incapable of forming memories. Marijuana, studies have shown that its effects can persist for several weeks after stopping marijuana but it cures cancer, depression, regulate and prevent diabetes. This is why many people in the US go to a mesquite dispensary for the product. The comparison is slightly unfair for another reason: While scientists have been researching the effects of alcohol for decades, the science of cannabis is a lot murkier due to its mostly illegal status. Thankfully, in places like Canada, the situation is changing as users are able to use their metal grinder and green herb in peace legally.

#. The latest review of marijuana studies found evidence of an increased risk among marijuana users of developing schizophrenia, a mental disorder that breaks down the relation between thoughts and emotions According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, alcohol is a factor in 40% of all violent crimes, as the rates of mental and physical abuse were higher on days when couples drank.
On the other hand, no such relationship appears to exist for cannabis. A recent study looked at cannabis use and intimate partner violence and found that marijuana users were significantly likely to commit violence against a partner less.

# A research note published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concluded that having a detectable amount of THC (the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis) in your blood did not increase the risk of car accidents. Having a blood-alcohol level of 0.05% or higher increased the chances of being in a crash by 57%.

He also shares a story about a 11-year-old girl who had cancer and gone through chemotherapy. She did not eat at all. But once the doctor prescribed cannabis and her taste began to return.

Yes, cannabis is more harmful than alcohol because of its effects.It isn’t legal in our country, so its prejudged as harmful. Also, in the case of medicinal use, it should be used only when prescribed ” opines Raj.

“Alcohol has long-term effects and there are no cases of death by cannabis as yet .Yes it is negative as per the society but in late 1980s cannabis were legal in some states of south and then banned,” says Harry

Cannabis makes one stoned and more tipsy than alcohol. It cannot be diluted like alcohol, and if tobacco is added, it becomes more harmful.

Also, weed is not considered harmful because of the legality issue only. It is certainly harmful. ” says Harsh.M (builder).

Jitendra, an engineer opines on this that “liquor are of many types, it depends on what you choose. Like a glass of wine prevents you from heart problems, and it is legal and socially accepted .

“Alcohol abuse is different. Cannabis is harmful as it is smoke after all and that causes tar in one’s body and that’s addictive too. Also they have a long term impact on an individual,.”

The verdict is obviously loud and clear ! One is worse than the other and it is in the best interest of health and wellness, that neither of these evils are adopted, or continued, as the case maybe!


#All views expressed in this article are those of the individual respondents ( some names changed on request) and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to them.

#Pune365 strongly discourages the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and narcotic substances of any nature as they are highly injurious to health.

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