California Pet Shops To Sell Only Rescued Animals- We Need This Law Here!

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In a landmark move, Calfornia has put an end to the suffering of pet animals by introducing a law banning the sale of non-rescued animals by pet shops.

The AB 485 law has been implemented from January 1, and consequently, Pet animals like cats, dogs and rabbits should be sourced only from animal shelters and not from breeders. Anyone violating this law will attract a $500 (INR 32,000/-) fine.

An animal rights group in California has taken a large step forward to close down the kitten factories and puppy mills. They say the current “high-volume” industries, where pets are bred for profit, can lead to inhumane treatment and long-term emotional and physical health problems in some animals.

Pet shops will now require to maintain sufficient records of where they sourced each animal, for periodic checks by authorities.

Several cities of our country including Pune can certainly do with such measures to curb the increasing incidents of pets being abandoned, poisoned and ill-treated. 

Speaking to Pune365Neha Panchamiya, Founder of RESQ says, “In a country like ours, there are simply too many orphaned and/or abandoned animals who are sadly left unloved and unwanted.

Every year, RESQ encounters 400+ abandoned pets and an even greater number of orphaned dogs and cats – all of whom need loving families to look after them.

Rescued animals are just as (if not more) loving and giving as other pets and I think it’s extremely important for people to consider adopting pets or choosing to give a home to a rescued animal.

Not only is adoption a great decision for the animal in question, but it is also a fantastic way to instil kindness in young children and create an atmosphere of unconditional love and compassion.

Rescued animals come in all shapes and sizes – infants, adults and seniors of all breeds and dispositions –and while they all have varying personalities and delightful quirks, what unites them all is a simple fact that they just want to love… and be loved in return!

Rescued is the best breed, says Anushree Chowdhury, Animal activist. California has brought up the amazing and much-needed change.

Finally, somewhere in the world animals are going to suffer less.

We are very far from attaining that but at least we Volunteers and Animal rescuers should try to enforce some regulations at the least as breeding in my opinion, is totally unethical.

The female goes through forced rape and separation from her litter and then is again put through the same process over and over again. Please think thrice before you buy a pet from a breeder as you are also contributing to the trauma of mother dog.

And, why buy when there are so many beautiful dogs and pups waiting for a home, including several abandoned pedigree breeds too. Please choose wisely and adopt, not buy!

Anita Shelke, Volunteer, “This is much-needed law in India. The cruelty against animals is rising and it has reached a point where it has become difficult to save them.

Every day there are so many people abandoning their pets on highways, tying them to poles or just leaving them on the road. Stray dogs are killed, raped and puppies are relocated rendering their sufferings unending.

A complete stop to puppy mills will open up homes for many Indian dogs in our country and also will save the female dogs who are often raped for breeding.

Every dog deserves good food and a good home. It is this kind of law that can make the world for animals better, Anita added.


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