Meet VishwaMitra, Pune’s Very Own Peace Pilgrim On A Mission

Yogesh Mathuria

On the one hand, our society complains about how the values of true love, peace and humanity have vanished from the world and on the other, you have a man from Pune, who left his high paying corporate career to set off on a mission to better the world we live in..

Keeping his promise to his deceased wife, he left his senior corporate position on his 50th birthday. Meet Yogesh Ravindra Mathuria who went on to explore what he terms as ‘energy’ from nature to achieve inner-peace and sow the seeds of humanity in the minds of those who crossed his path.

Affectionately called VishwaMitra, Yogesh is a Peace Pilgrim and Wellness Coach based in Pune who has been walking for Peace and Humanity for the past 11 years.

Yogesh Mathuria

His desire is to instill in society, greater understanding of the language of compassion, unity and humanity.

His ideology of believing in ‘The forces’ has helped him travel 12,646 KM across India and abroad in 419 days to promote peace, beyond borders, religions and boundaries and communicate understanding, love and unity without any money, believing that the universe will take care of him.

“After spending 30 years in the IT industry, I realised that there was something that was missing in my life, of which I had no idea. Although being directionless, I decided to leave the job for something more meaningful. I took some time off and went on a vacation with my family.

After a couple of days when my family realised that I wasn’t ready to return, they asked what I was keeping from them…

“That was when I broke the news of my resignation at my workplace or rather the entire ‘working’ setup which they later accepted with a pinch of salt. What’s next?- Was their immediate reaction to which I had no answer.

“Till the time I lost my Love to cancer, I had a firm belief that medical science can tackle any condition, but it turned out to be a myth.

That is when I worked on finding alternatives in the medical industry and researched, read and met multiple medical marvels for four years. I also did extensive research on various health concerns and came back in 2012 and decided to focus on my 98 Kilo, obese and diabetic self.”

World Peace Walk

Sharing on how life revisits us to show the divine path in times of confusion and crisis, he shares, “Satish Kumar and Mr Menon- Gandhian, revolutionaries, complete aliens to me, who walked across the globe (Delhi to USA), without funds to work for peace had sowed the seeds of compassion in the nine year old that I was. Back in 1966, they shared insights of their experience in the book, “Bina Paise Dunia Ka Paidal Safar”, which always interests me.

World Peace Walk
Jalandarnath, Yogesh Mathuria, Sangram Patil and Dilip Tambolkar

“I was fortunate enough to meet them again in 2012, when I was clueless, looking for a motive to live for. They spoke to me at length about India’s challenges within and with its neighbouring countries and that is how I decided to continue what they left in the 60’s and walk with the message of Love and Peace in and around India.

The seeds that were buried inside me came to life after 47 years when I first went on my first Peace Walk journey on March 29, 2013 from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, completing it in 19 days.”

Yogesh Mathuria with Ela Gndhi
Yogesh Mathuria with Mahatma Gandhi’s grand-daughter Ela Gandhi

Nothing stopped Yogesh from spreading the message close to his heart. The lack of money, social obligations, his personal safety or the thought of getting nothing in return, never came in the way..

On September 21st (The International World Peace day), he set foot for Mumbai from Pune. Disregarding the medical advice after two heart attacks in the year 2017, he went on to travel in and around Sri Lanka for 180 days and returned healed and healthy.

World Peace Walk

After travelling and being a messenger of peace in 18 Indian states, Sri Lanka and South Africa, there was no looking back for this 61 year old father of two daughters and a Peace Pilgrim.

World Peace Walk
Gandhi @ 150 to Mandela @ 100 – World Peace Walk (Shanti Yatra)

Yogesh is all set to put his best foot forward on January 12th and leave for Bangladesh from Pune followed by Japan to celebrate Gandhi’s 150 birth anniversary, who he regards as his master.

Believing that humanity is the common ground that connects human being of different language, caste, creed or community, he has been walking tirelessly, bowing down to every creature he met on his path and connecting with Mother Nature through chants and meditation.

yogesh mathuria tattoos

With a firm belief in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is one family) and Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu Kada Chana, Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani (to perform is our duty not to be entitled to the fruits of action, for it should not be our purpose to perform), he intends to cross borders to bring out compassion, love and humanity in the society which today seems to have lost in the fumes of selfishness, hatred, agony and jealously.


#Those who wish to join him on his voyage for a better world can extend their support to him while he is on his ‘Walk For Peace’. He can be contacted on 9821133587.

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