#BFF- When Distance Really Does Not Matter

Long Distance Friendship
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We have been the best of friends for over eight years and the distance was never a challenge, says, Nikita Malviya, a New York based architect.

Nikita is not alone. Several young people rely on their friends even after they have moved miles apart in search of careers and good lifestyles. Friendships are now about that long telephone call that can soothe and comfort the harshest blow.

Some friends are truly forever, say these young professionals we connected with:


Says, Nikita ” We meet once or twice a year but nothing changes. It seems like time stops and resumes when we meet again.

She now stays in Pune and I have moved to Newyork and I miss her especially when I wander around the city. I wish she was here, it would have been happier.

Also, when I said yes to the man I’ll be marrying soon, I really wanted her to be here,” she adds.

Long distance friendship entirely depends on how close or dear the friend is. If you make an effort, distance in a friendship doesn’t matter, but if you don’t, even friends staying in the same city are nothing more than a tag says, Palak Arora, who’s a chef in Pune.

I last spoke to Puja when I went home last year. We haven’t spoken much since then, essentailly because she is married now and has a kid to look after.

She is often busy with her life hence there has been a lot of communication gap between us. I loved speaking to her and miss her when I am on a vacation, or on a outing.

Long distance friendship definitely works. It’s been 3 years that I have been living in the US. Yet, after living miles away from my friends, we still share the same bond, says Lavina Je, a Data Analyst at UNICEF, NYC

I think its that feeling when while working monotonously in a cubical, you suddenly look outside onto a tree and you feel like finishing your work early to spend time outdoors.

Yes, there are times when I miss my friends, especially on my birthday. I have a lot of friends in India and so I can’t single out one. I share a different bond with each one of them.

They have different roles in my life’s story. One actor can’t act like any other.

“In the chapter of friendship, there should be commas but not a full stop. Distance is only a small hurdle, if both understand each others situation, opines Niyati Gupta, a Fashion Designer in Pune.

Long Distance friendship completely relies on the level of understanding and bond the friends share.

Prakhar Kala is one of my closest friends and we speak quite often. Whenever I feel low and want to bounce back from a situation, he motivates me and when I see him believing in me, I start believing in myself more.

Jenny Patel staying in New Jersey says, “Long distance friendships certainly work. The only difference in a long-distance friendship is that your closest friend isn’t physically near you, but depending on your friendship with the person, they are only a phone call away.

Neghat, a very close friend of mine who stays in Ahmedabad, India comes to mind, when I think of Long-distance friendships.

We don’t speak every day, yet, when we do, it’s like we never lost a day of contact. In fact, I spoke to her this morning itself.

Recently, when I was falling out with another friend of mine I really wished she was here to guide me on whether I was doing the right thing. I also miss her when everything is going wrong with my day, and I need reassurance.

Though I know, I can call her and she will be there for me always. And that’s the beauty of a great long-distance friendship.”


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