Are You Dating A Womaniser? Here’s How You Can Deal

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Does your man give undue attention to other women in a party? Does he keep staring lecherously at every girl? Does he enjoy the thrill of chasing woman?

If the answer to this is yes, then in all likelihood, the love of your life is a womaniser. Yes, you heard us right! It is difficult to tolerate this kind of behaviour from your partner, but it could be the reality, say Pune’s women.

If you’re contemplating a long term relationship with such a person, then these tips from these spirited young ladies will come handy:  

Ayushi Mehta, Software professional says, “When you’re dating a womaniser, there is no such thing as trust, love, and care in the relationship.“

It is best to decide whether you really want to deal with such a person or else breakup and this is often the simpler and best option. 

If you’re sure about dealing with him, then make him jealous by hanging out with your male friends and even try with his friends.  If this makes him jealous, confront him and share your feelings.

Make your presence strongly felt in his life, so he doesn’t have an excuse to go somewhere else, Ayushi adds.

Flirt with him subtly on your date nights, Don’t him a chance to seek other women, says Gargi Khade, Zumba Instructor.

Every other guy was a womaniser before or after their relationship, but it depends on a woman how to keep a man in control.

Sharing her experience, Gauri confesses, “ Rohit was a big flirt before dating me and also while dating me. However, now he is a complete gentleman.

Rohit used to flirt with my friends too, so I stopped hanging around my single friends and started hanging around with the friends who’re committed. Committed ladies, didn’t pay any heed to his behaviour and wherever he went, I followed, so there was no chance of him cheating on me.

I constantly put forth my fears and expectations to him. Ladies need to be clear with their words, if they’re sure about taking this relationship ahead.

If he is not changing serve an ultimatum and that’s what I did.  And it worked. But, for the others, don’t let their sugar-coated talk melt your anger, Be firm, Khade added.

Neha Gaikwad Nutritionist says, “Keep the heat on in bed! Keep him satisfied emotionally and physically.

If a man is satisfied, his chances of sneaking out are low, therefore keep the fire burning in bed too. Compliment him in front of everyone. Tell him he is a keeper  and that you’re proud of him.

Give him all the cheesy lines you have heard from your ex-boyfriends.

Take over his life in such a way that he is dependent on you completely!

Be there for his minutest need, so he has no other option than you, says Priya Bose, Skin expert. Fill his life with your presence, do things that he is fond off.

Be it, playing PUBG with him or becoming his smoke buddy. Be there for everything.




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