‘Appraisal Couch’ As Bad As The Casting One, Says Pune’s Working Professionals

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The unfortunate reality that is staring us in the eye is that almost every industry today we has their own version of a casting couch…

Spreading much like a virus, it has afflicted several companies in our very own city, so much so, that the handful of incidents that do get reported do not even seem shocking any longer for most working professionals. 

The thin dividing line between this and sexual harassment at the workplace is the so called consenting employee who gives in the interest of their career prospects, say these professionals we at Pune365 spoke to:

Abhishek Mishra, Marketing manager says, Casting couch is as common as sex between couples, but I was terrified to know that it can happen the other way around too.

Every industry is infested with this practice. I had grand dreams of being a top model and really strived hard for it. Recalling an incident Mishra says, ” I was giving an audition for an undergarment brand, the audition went well.

However, before signing the paper, the assistant producer called me to a hotel where he tried to force himself on me and clearly told me that if I don’t give in, the model would be replaced. The next day itself I was replaced,

I auditioned for several assignments but failed to get selected in some and couple of others expected much more than just modelling.

Mishra further added, I currently work in a MNC as Marketing manager and am now happy with the decision I took and my work now.

It was only for a foreign trip, but It boosted my career to a next level, says Ayesha Malik, Architect.

It started when I was an intern with the company, along with 29 other interns. The company used to send one intern abroad along with one senior executive. And since I was average, I knew I wasn’t going to get selected.

But it was hard to miss on too a wonderful opportunity like these. It started with waiting for late nights in the office and spending more time with the boss, and finally, he demanded more and I didn’t want to say no for a trip.

I was the only one who was sent from the batch of interns.

Later, it was my senior colleague who I had to sleep with to get confirmed in the company and today, I work as a senior architect in the company.

Am not ashamed of what I did, because of it very difficult to get a good job with an attractive salary. Everyone has to face some struggles in order to get work, it depends on you to understand what is more important to you, Malik added.

I have lost various jobs, for not satisfying the demands from the supervisors and seniors. says Raveena Shah, PR executive. Sexual harassment at the workplace is a common phenomenon and you can’t or don’t always report it.

It is spreading like wildfire in all the industries.

The qualification and the ability is hardly the pre-requisite for some jobs or promotions. It is almost always with consent and hence it depends on individuals to give in or stay out, Shah added.

The concept of ‘you please me and I’ll make you happy’ has been on for decades, and it is not surprising at all, says Aditya Rane, techie.

There are so many female employees who have got promoted, or in most of the cases their other needs are well-taken care off, be it a salon appointment or dropping them home.

It is sad to know that it is happening in other industries as well. More so, since many talented girls are looked down just because they don’t surrender themselves to these demands.

It is also the other way around and good looking guys are often targeted and well paid of course for the service they provide apart from office work, Rane added.


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