Parenting Skills Discussed At Seminar

Pune 365 Showcase
Seminar on Effective Parenting & Skills

Parenting skills was the topic of discussion at a key seminar held in Pune.

Opash Socio-Commercials Pvt. Ltd., Pune, organised a seminar “Sarvangin Palakatva- Ek Naitaik Jababdari” at Patrakar Bhavan, Pune.

Dr. Rajani Indulkar (President of Maharashtra Council of Homeopathy and Senate member of Health University) and Mrs Alka Padhye (Headmistress, Modern High School & NCL Jr. College) were present as Chief Guest and speaker.

Ms. Kavita Puri (Admin Manager, Opash) felicitated Dr Indulkar and Mrs. Padhye.

Ms. Padhye spoke on different parenting skills, various aspects of effective parenting, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child, etc.

Dr Indulkar shared her thoughts about, proper diet of growing age kids, extreme care of parents towards their child and its disadvantage and also the difference between traditional and modern parenting style. About 100 parents, teachers and principals of different schools were present.

Amey Joshi, Director and Chairman of Opash, spoke about the concept of their upcoming venture “Palak Shala”. This will be in the form of a seminar of 4-6 days for parents. The course incorporates difficulties while parenting, challenges faced during growing up of kids, etc.

“Palak-Shala” will start in January 2019.