#Furholics: Meet Ankita Hajarnis And Her Fabulous Four

Cruzo And Milo

Being answerable to Shera for coming home late, watching Cruzo destroy her cushions, and smiling at her other two dogs, Noori and Milo, Ankita Hajarnis tells us the story of her pack

At Home:

Cruzo With Ankita

ANYBODY coming at their gate is first reprimanded by Shera and Noori, the watchful Mixed Breed guard dogs at Ankita Hajarnis’s residence. Then comes the loving welcome by Cruzo the affable Golden Retriever and the queenly ignorance by Milo, the resident Golden Retriever matriarch. As we hear Ankita giving Cruzo a talking to for ripping up yet another cushion, Noori and Shera stare at the scene, perhaps wondering why the big boy is such a baby.

“Cruzo is the naughtiest of the lot, he keeps the house alive. We can never relax if we can’t hear, or see Cruzo because he is always upto something,” starts Anikta, a Learning Architect.

Meal Times:

Everybody knows lunch is at 12.30 and dinner at 8.30.

“I’m not there for lunch but around 8.20 pm Milo starts looking at me almost telling me to serve dinner. Thats our alarm,” smiles Ankita.

Cruzo needs to be pushed to eat his meals, and treats, including ice cream! Shera and Noori on the other hand are racing to see who finishes first, so the other ones bowl can be devoured.

Cruzo’s Antics

13 destroyed cushions, many new pairs of shoes, chequebooks, brand new clothes, a garden that is frequently reorganised are just some of Cruzo’s antics. Shera, Noori on the other hand are better behaved. They are focused on being guards and indulging Cruzo at times. “They don’t like being indoors at all. They come in, jump around and then stay put in the garden, where they team up against the gardener. Milo will go out only for her walks. At other times, she will be where one of us is. Cruzo is where he wants to be,” says Ankita of her pack.

Shera Questions:

Coming home late at night means being reprimanded. For Ankita, it is not her parents that she answers to first, it is Shera! “He gets really annoyed when i get back late or even when my parents come home late. He barks nicely to let us know he is upset,” laughs Ankita who can’t imagine coming home to no dogs!

Driving Around:

“When we take Cruzo – in the car boot and Milo – next to the driver – for drives, they are horrible. Milo barks at all dogs on the street and confuses them.

Cruzo doesnt know when to bark. He barks because Milo is barking and the car drive becomes difficult.Similarly, at home too, Cruzo suddenly barks because he hears some dog somewhere and thinks its his job to bark along,” sighs Ankita.

Mom’s The Best:

No punishment or talking to works on the pack. When their naughtiness needs to be admonished, Cruzo, Shera, Noori are tied up for a couple of minutes if they get caught in the act. Milo never gets into trouble. “Mom is the only one who they listen to. In fact they adore her so much that if she is sitting by the window doing her work. Shera and Noori dutifully sit just outside and Cruzo and Milo right next to her,” says Ankita. If that isn’t devotion, what is?

I Have Learnt:

To keep things only in their place; If they can reach it, they will all take it.
To live in the moment; to leave the past and to move on.
The importance of time; having and looking after dogs make you responsible and increases your confidence.
They are the best stress busters; they may not help with your chores but their presence makes a positive difference!

Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan

Uma Karve Chakranarayan is editor and publisher of Tell Tail, Pune’s only petzine and partner, Petsworld, a pet food and accessories store. ’Furholics’ appears every Saturday on Pune365.
Uma Karve Chakranarayan