And The Good Wishes Are Pouring In !

Best wishes from experts
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Pune365 has covered a plethora of subjects that matter to the city and its citizens over the past two years…

Adding impetus to our purpose in the city is a distinguished panel of specialists and experts who have taken time off to comment, guide and provide solutions for our readers.  2nd Anniversary

Today, on our second anniversary, we tip our hat to all of you and thank you for being so much part of our journey to make this city truly smart! 


Sudha Menon, Author

SudhaMenon1It is wonderful to see Pune365 go from strength to strength. I remember the initial baby steps and marvel at how the baby has grown.

I love the quirky stories, the different perspective with which Pune365 looks at things.

I like the sense of community you have brought into the media business and I love that I have been part of your growth story. More power to you!

Vinita Deshmukh, Journalist and RTI Activist

Vinita-DeshmukhCongratulations Pune365 for completing two years. Pune365  is a happy and interesting pot-pourrie of events of the city and relevant issues concerning Puneites. Stories are written and displayed in a vibrant fashion, thus making it appealing to Gen Next too. It is a good source to know what’s going on in Pune, with just a click of the mouse

Kiran Manral, Author

Kiran ManralI have always enjoyed reading Pune365. The content on the site is a great mix of hyperlocal news which is very relevant to local residents of the city and interesting to people like me who travel there very often on work, as well as issues that resonate with most people.

The articles are well written and concise and give one food for thought. I am sure Pune 365 will soon become the go-to site for anyone seeking to understand Pune and Punekars.

Jaya Banerjee, Social Activist

Jaya BanerjeeCongratulations to Pune365 on turning 2 and wishing you many more years of growth and journalism that’s a class apart! Having been a regular follower and reader of Pune365, it’s been a wonderful experience and the rapid growth only speaks of the great team and visionary leadership.

All the articles, be it lifestyle or civic citizenship, have always had a participation of a diverse set of voices and opinions, and that’s a welcome change from mainstream media today. Pune365 has taken so many real stories of individuals across diverse segments to its readers, not taking away the honesty of these narratives.

This gives Pune a breath of fresh journalism, and we hope to keep reading more and more from you. Wishing you many more years of bringing to Pune glimpses of the various aspects that make our beautiful city.

Dr Ravi Pratap, Emergency Medicine Specialist

Dr Ravi PratapPune 365 is a wonderful medium to focus on issues which need our time and attention. It has a huge outreach and is a platform for the public at large to get familiar with the current situation in the city and to deliberate and ponder over these issues.

While it is doing great work already, I would love to see Pune 365 to organize public discussions on possible solutions to existing problems of our city. Pictorial presentation of few issues would speak for themselves and having an app of its own might help in creating maximum impact.

Looking forward to be a part of the positive changes Pune 365 aims at bringing in our eco-space.

Nikhil Kadam, Social Activist

I don’t read newspapers, because Pune365 gives me a detail about my city. Every article on Pune365 is an informative piece, I am always very excited to know the events happening in Pune.

The team is doing a great job, they not only focus on civic issues but also cover stories on health and wellness.

Various campaigns are run on the portal #Helmet campaign which was carried, was an awareness drive that was needed in the city. The experience shared by the people is a lesson and a warning for the others.

I would like the team to cover PCMC as well and focus on civic stories from PCMC.

Shraddha Dhopatkar, Counsellor

Shraddha DhopatkarPune365 has brightened up our gloomy days, by focusing on every bit of Pune.

The content is put forth in a fascinating manner, which attracts the readers and they make an emotional connect.

What I would love to see more on the portal is their articles about Relationships and Health and Wellness feeds.

Ravi Jashnani, President of Plastic Manufacturers’ Association.

Congratulations on your completion of 2 years !! you have made Pune proud !! Keep up the good work going Pune 365.

I personally go through the magazine every day and have subscribed for push notifications too so that I am aware of all the latest news happening in my own Pune city.

Pune 365 covers the stories well and all interviews taken and questions raised, helps the general public to understand the crux of the problem.

The website is designed well and all topics of interest are available on the menu.  All my best wishes for the coming years to Pune 365.

Dr Seemab Shaikh, ENT surgeon and National President of the Indian Association of Surgeons for Sleep Apnea

Dr. Seemab ShaikhCongratulations Pune365. The team is doing a great job and I have been reading all your articles for the past one year. Most of your articles are related to in and around Pune with a big impact on the life of citizens of Pune city. The articles are inspiring, helpful and knowledge imparting and helps citizens get a better understanding of the city and how the administration works.

I am very thankful to the entire team of Pune 365 for the work you are doing and wish you all a very happy anniversary and also hope you will transform the lives of many citizens.

Mojdeh Arab FARASHAHI, Animal Activist.

Wishing Pune 365 a Happy Anniversary. It’s only getting better and better. Thank you so much for featuring me and Bodhisattva Ngo in the past.Pune365 has been the only portal which has given importance to animals.

They have always made it easy for Pet parents be it a guide or health wealth of your pooch. It has helped us create awareness among everyone, also the rights of pet parents.

Pune 365 is truly the best online magazine for Pune. Looking forward to more informational and fun articles!

#EditorsNote : Thank you experts for your constant inputs that give our content the necessary fillip to positively impact the citizens of Pune. Sincere gratitude for being so much part of our journey.