6 Natural Aphrodisiacs And Performance Enhancers

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When you think aphrodisiacs, it’s often the oysters and chocolate dipped strawberries that one thinks of..

Little did you know that our culture has warmly embraced and sometimes shunned these natural aphrodisiacs. Here’s a sneak peek at some foods that are a staple in the Indian household and can have you trilling ‘All you Need is Love’.


The dessert delicacy, dates stimulate the blood circulation and supposedly really get you going. Said to give men quite an advantage in the bedroom, a date chow-down on your next date could quite frankly catalyse amorous activities.



Have it fried or sautéed, Okra offers you lots of energy that you can channel in the activities of your choosing. And yeah, did we mention Ladies Finger or the au naturel Bhindi is a great aphrodisiac?



This one’s a doozy. Many believe coconut to be an energizing addition to your diet that can proffer benefits in the boudoir. Sipping on coconut milk is deemed an excellent way to kindle that inner fire.


Chicken Eggs

Binge on eggs poached, scrambled or devilled, these puppies bring you a number of lucrative benefits. Interestingly, frying them in butter can cause a sudden surge in male testosterone levels owing to the cholesterol in the ingredients. Women may sip on egg-nog!




Apparently, there’s merit to the old wives’ tale that banned drumsticks from the Indian kitchen. Often used in sambar or quite simply as ‘Sahajan ki sabzi’; Drumsticks can enhance your need for speed.


Quite simply- Milk

Here’s the reason why cow’s milk is accepted as the official Indian wedding-night beverage. Dished out with a pinch of Kesar to first-time grooms, this is a popular aphrodisiac. So, beware for a glass of milk can have you stirring a hot strong cauldron of love.


Now, imagine what would happen if you were to brew egg-nog out of coconut milk and toss in ground pistachios only to down it with dates.



#Pune365 does not vouch for the efficacy of these items of food and they may be consumed at your own peril/ disappointment/ ecstasy.

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