5 Men That You’re Most Likely To Date in Your 20’s

Dating - 5 Guys you Date in Your 20’s


Twenty, flirty and thriving probably best describes, the life of the average Pune belle..

So, in our inimitable style, we decided to put your 20’s under the microscope to reveal the best and the worst of your love life.

Meet the five male characters you undoubtedly date in your 20’s. Well, like it or not, unless of course, you’ve been fortunate enough to skip straight to Guy #5 or have made your way through the weirder men; Either way, this list demands a read –

Thunder Temper

While he may seem like a staid old fellow on most days, but, beware for still waters run deep. Indeed, his volcanic temper tantrums are legendary. You will never even know what sets him off and he shall erupt in a pool of long suppressed emotions shooting you with looks that can kill.

As with every individual, this man too has his pressure points. However, the difference with this gent is that has little or no handle on his temper. Should you encounter him, run far and run swift. This bloke clearly needs anger management classes and not you!

The Egomaniac

The guy who believes he is God’s gift to mankind, can actually be quite a riot. That is assuming you haven’t feelings for him. Stroke his ego and the man shall be akin to putty in your hands. But pass a thoughtless comment or slight and watch his hackles rise up in no time at all. Growling ferociously like a lion, and mirroring the animal’s pride; this one might even take a swipe at you.

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The Overgrown Man-Child

While Momma’s boy may be a desirable trait at first, you are wrong to believe that you shall soon be the queen in his life. Sure you may be compelled to do his laundry and cut the crusts off his sandwiches, just as his mother did but, this soon gets stale. This one’s looking for a second mom, so it is often wiser to flee.

The Blame Caster

Everyone faces ups and downs, but this man-child shall be the first to point fingers. Fret not, for the blame shan’t be cast on innocent bystanders, but on the poor, wretched folk who date him or call him family.

Try to steer clear of this man at the first sight of trouble, or else you may be guilt-trapped into staying with the chap who flashes those beseeching eyes, just to ensure you are both miserable together forever.

Mr. Nice Guy?

Once you escape what seems like a parade of dating nightmares, you shall come across the seemingly Nice Guy (if you’re lucky). His grace shall amaze you while his many charms beguile you. Yet your horrific dating episodes shall have you convinced that a nightmare lies just beneath the surface of this paragon.




Alas, it maybe too late! You have your running shoes on and flee the scene in apprehensive fright long before you get to the bottom of his mystery..


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