World Physiotherapy Day – City Specialists On Staying Fit

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A balance between a healthy body and mind is of paramount importance when it comes to staying fit. In today’s fast paced life, not everyone gets an opportunity to monitor what they eat, how they sit and what should they do to reduce stress. This is important for men and womens health.

Be it at home, while driving or working at the office, we tend to develop some habits that in the long run are harmful to us.

On World Physiotherapy Day, we speak to our city’s specialists to get their professional views on some of the frequently asked questions. Physiotherapists are celebrated all over the world, and if you are looking for a physiotherapist in Australia then Healthfix Physiotherapy Sydney may be the right one for you, and will be able to give you a professional and affordable treatment!

Talking about the latest developments in the field of Physiotherapy in Pune, Dr Rakesh Varyani, (Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapist) says,

Dr. Rakesh Varyani
Dr.Rakesh Varyani

“Of the various treatment options, a lot of the physiotherapists in Pune practice chiropractic, sports tapping, dry-needle therapy, myocardial release techniques, mobilisation, modalities therapy and these are used keeping in mind the medical condition of the patient,” he adds.

With a lot of advancements in our field, Dr Rakesh says, “We do follow treatment measures developed internationally but we also make our own contribution by promoting and making changes as per patient’s needs.

“With the vast development over time, the number of physiotherapists and the quality of treatment and services provided have grown dramatically in Pune. Also, doctors especially neurologists and orthopaedic surgeons have shown great response and belief in physiotherapy,” he adds.

The changing lifestyle among the youth is somewhere responsible for the increase in physical discomfort among them. “Nowadays, a lot of IT professionals and people working in front of desktops and laptops are having musculo-skeletal injuries. We should not forget that mobile phones are one of the causes. Above all, people refer to the information provided on the internet and self treat at home. This is also very dangerous as that information is incomplete and half baked knowledge is always dangerous,” he adds.

Consulting a qualified doctor is imperative. But how can someone decide that a doctor is good? Answering this he says, “People should look for a therapist who is recommended by a person who has been his patient. Hands on treatment of a patient by a therapist will spread the word about the quality of physiotherapist’s result. Lastly, qualification and experience should be of paramount importance.

Therefore, if you live near to locations of Acitva Clinics, you may want to approach them regarding their physiotherapy services to see if they can help you and your particular ailments.

Speaking about Ayurvedic massages for treatment he says, “Both Ayurveda and physiotherapy are effective in their specific areas. Both at times when used in combination work excellent depending on the requirements. Separately they also work well yet the condition of the patient and related symptoms are the deciding factor. It also depends on preference of the doctor referred to.

But the motive is to be active, have a healthy lifestyle, and sit less. Walking and moving and 15-30 minutes of workout in different forms reduce stress,” Varyani adds.

Dr Sachin Tapasvi, (Leading Orthopaedic Surgeon And Sports Injury Specialist) strongly believes Physiotherapy is an effective line of treatment that has grown in popularity in Pune.

“There is an increasing relevance of Physiotherapy in Pune. Therapies for common ailments of musculoskeletal system can provide relief in a majority of patients if administered correctly. As the population ages, the need will only rise. Why not visit a website like CKPHYSIO.CO.UK if you are from the UK.

“Compliance also increases with more intensive and home based therapies. But one should be careful while consulting a doctor as the therapist who is to take care of the patient must be compassionate and approachable.

Choosing a therapist closer to site of residence is preferred,” Tapasvi adds.

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