Pune Turns Fifty Shades Darker !

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Ever since Fifty Shades of Grey released to worldwide acclaim, people have gotten bolder pushing their boundaries in the boudoir. While some have stepped up confessing to the kinkiest fetishes, others have admitted to darker fantasies.

Take a trip into the twisted, convoluted minds of resident Puneites..

Warning- you can’t unread what you’re about to!

Trinisha Pande is a clinical psychologist who appreciates dominance in the bedroom. The 28 year old wears her heart on her sleeve and her man’s belt around her fist. “Not everyone appreciates being dominated upon. I think it’s the male ego that can’t stand it, because my actions never really hurt anyone.

She’s quick to add that that most men flee after a few rough encounters..!

Monish Rawal is 22 and an engineering student with a somewhat different taste that some would term perverse. After vehemently requesting we change his name to protect his privacy, the boy admits that he enjoys the concept of coercion and non-consensual fornication.

Before you go screaming, ‘potential molester alert’ Monish is eager to state that this perverse dream exists purely for the times when he peruses through explicit novels.

Sahil Kharade (34), opines that he would exit the room and her life, should any woman demand he play her submissive. “No woman of mine would ever do this! Not if she wants to be the mother of my children!” he states angrily failing to see the scarcity of logic.

An architect by profession, Ronit Runwal (31), objects to his high-school sweetheart turned girlfriend having ‘daddy’ issues. “We’ve been together for seven years, and now she tells me this! I was about to propose marriage and now I’m in a catch 22 situation.

“After all, how could I introduce her to my parents knowing full well she’ll happily lock my dad in a dungeon and mentally fulfill some wicked fantasy?” he rues.

Rithika Nair on the other hand shares a unique view. “Personally, I wouldn’t object to my man being slightly dominating. However, bring out chains and whips, and I’ll happily set my angry Rottweiler on his nether region!

The 25 year old techie goes on to say, “When dreamy, brooding Christian Grey did it, girls swoon! But find a blue collar fellow indulging such fantasies and you would scream dark blasphemy.

“The ugly truth is that society welcomes bondage and shackles only if you’re chained to a jet-setting millionaire!” she comments hitting the nail right on the head.



#All views expressed in this column are those of the individual respondents ( names changed to protect privacy) and Pune365 does not necessarily subscribe to this.

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