Chronic Stress ? Seek Professional Help Before It Takes A Toll

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Chronic stress at the work place has become exceedingly common now…

This stress undoubtedly leads to various lifestyle disorders like hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity, addictions, depression, anxiety disorders and sexual dysfunction etc,” opines Dr. Niket Kasar a city based consultant psychiatrist.

Dr. Niket Kasar

“These lifestyle disorders at an early age leads to premature deaths both in working men and women.

Excessive worry, feeling of heaviness, palpitations, chest discomfort, nervousness, insomnia, and disturbing ruminating thoughts are some of the psychological symptoms of stress, seen in working people,” he adds.

Lifestyle modifications, stress management, relationships management, quitting addictions, and early intervention with the help of therapists and psychiatrists is mandatory to avoid problems related to work stress or organizational stress. Here is a website that offers CBD products known to be effective in the battle against stress.

  • Regular follow up with one’s family physician to monitor blood sugar levels and blood pressure is a must.
  • Take early help from a psychiatrist, if someone is feeling depressed, sad, anxious or faces a burn out, due to work stress.
  • At times, sharing one’s problems with a psychiatrist may aid the recovery from stress.
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy is a non-pharmacological modality of treatment to treat stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Modern day medication along with counselling can definitely treat and cure stress related disorders. Some find using supplements from somewhere like Zach Attack Supplements could help with stress relief, however there are other types of supplements out there. And it is important to speak to your doctor if you are interested in looking supplements. MatchaMax is awesome for stress relief.
  • Some people also like to turn to alternative methods when it comes to managing their mental health. For example, research seems to suggest that cannabis can help people to relax and unwind. Correspondingly, in areas where cannabis has been legalized such as Canada, people can use cannabis products such as live resin. When used in moderation, these products can, in some cases, make it easier to keep calm.

According to study published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology journal, job stress impact more men than women. It suggests that men with cardiac issues are six times more likely to suffer an early death if their jobs are stressful.

Professor Mika Kivimäki, the lead researcher quoted, “Work is a common source of stress in adulthood, triggering natural stress responses that were programmed in our bodies generations ago. These can result in physical reactions to situations like work stress.” Moreover, “a link between job strain and risk of premature death in men with cardio-metabolic diseases, such as coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes is found. Controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels alone are unlikely to eliminate the excess risk.”

We spoke to city professionals to see how they cope with work stress that may be affecting their physical and mental wellness.

“Since I am in front of the screen 24×7 working with numbers, I do have to take at least a 20 mins break every 2-3 hours to let my brain and eyes rest,” says a city-based finance associate.

“I have also noticed a trend in the headaches I have, after which I cannot function properly. Stress obviously is the major cause of my health issues, and hence I have decided against bringing my work home and switching to a healthier lifestyle,” he adds.

“The thing that is affecting me greatly, is the lack of sleep and my increasing belly,” says Niranjan, a web developer. “Moreover, work stress is not just confined to physical issues but also mental stress.

At times, the work overload, tough deadlines and lack of free time leads to anxiety and restlessness. My brain often works overtime during bed time and it is very hard to calm it down.”

Monu Agarwal, a company secretary opines that lack of acknowledgement at the work place and an imbalance in the work-pay proportion also lead to mental stress.

Moreover, the sense of competition and a demanding job also leads to over working and then facing the consequences.

People whose work includes a lot of physical movements can have their stress busters at work, but for people like us who are always in front of a screen, we are more susceptible to suffer from mental stress.”


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