#WorkSmart: Long Hours Lead To Errors And Affect Productivity

Working Long Hours
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Working for long hours to impress the boss may be considered a perfect method for success by many, but how many people realise that these long hours can lead to errors and affect productivity.

According to a recent survey, people who work longer shifts typically make nine per cent more errors than those on shorter shifts.

This demonstrates that attention spans drift over a long work day, says a survey by global software firm Pegasystems Inc, while revealing how ineffective software and poor processes are hindering productivity for many workers.

The survey is based on the analysis of nearly five million hours of desktop activity of operational support employees — who primarily perform the routine back office, data entry, or contact centre tasks — at Global 2000 companies from January to September.

The survey found that workers are saddled with too many disconnected apps, leading to poor processes, increased errors, and wasted actions that could otherwise be automated.

From digital distractions to extraneous activities, there are many events over the course of the day that take workers’ attention away from productive tasks.

Workers check their email 10 times per hour, or once every six minutes, throughout the course of their day.

Employees spend 13 per cent of their time on email, of which only 23 per cent is spent on value-generating work.

“By streamlining these processes and eliminating repetitive tasks, companies can give employees the right tools they need to succeed and be happier in their jobs,” CEO Schuerman,  said.

We spoke to Pune’s professionals who spend long working hours every day, While speaking to Pune 365, Dr Ashwini Puranik, an Emergency Medicine Professional says,“ There are no working hours when you’re a doctor, being in the emergency department I work for more than 10 hours a day with no proper sleep pattern due to the constant changes in the duty roster.

As the survey suggests, working for long hours hampers your productivity, our body is not designed to work for more than 30 hours a week.

Some professions should be given the option to work for flexible hours, Puranik added.

Rahul Hankare, Product delivery manager says, It certainly does increases the risk of errors, collecting and sending a delivery to the clients is not only mental work, but also a lot of physical activity.

As the store head, I have to be on my toes always, there is constant pressure of maintaining the receiving and sending the delivery.

Most of the time, it happens that you send a wrong delivery to the client and the whole order is cancelled because of the whole process of delaying the order. For minute errors like delaying or sending the wrong parcel the company pays a huge price, Hankare added.

Royston Varghese, Advertising executive says, “The unending demands from the client leads to long hours due to which an employee tends to make more mistakes.”

I have been working for an ad agency for 5 years and not even once, I have left my office on time. it is tiring to sit in front of the screen the whole day and it drains me out completely.

After a certain period of time, your brain stops functioning in the right  direction. Errors are obvious if the company tries to extract more against the will of an individual, Varghese added.


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